A makeup brush takes you through all the makeup

by:MHLAN     2020-09-29
As the saying goes: girls who love to laugh are usually not too bad, so the appearance and image are also linked. When you take your appearance and image seriously, you will naturally get good feedback. Many people are very happy. Pay attention to your own image. Make-up is a must when you go out. Make-up is also a very particular technical course. If you want to make your own desired makeup, then you have to work hard when choosing a makeup brush. As far as I know, only in this way can I choose a makeup brush that suits me. Many people don’t know much about makeup brushes. Let’s take a look at the following:

Makeup brush

Foundation Brush

How to choose: Because the foundation is liquid, you need a brush that can spread the foundation evenly. The natural brush will make the foundation uneven and uneven, so choose an artificial hair, about the size of a dollar coin~

Features: soft, firm, dense

Concealer brush

How to choose: Choose a flat-head brush, the size of your index finger or nail cap, because the concealer product is also liquid, so, you should also buy artificial hair~

Features: fine, flat, very tight, good elasticity

Loose paint

How to choose: Choose a natural brush, recommend a round head multi-layered brush, this will fully grasp the powder~

Features: soft, solid, strong powder extraction

Eyebrow brush

How to choose: Choose a brush with a bevel, half the size of your fingernail

Features: It has a certain slope and can be colored along the direction of the eyebrows

Eye shadow brush

Selection method: It is best to use natural hair brushes, with different materials and cutting methods

Features: The hair is tight and elastic, and the size of the nail cover
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