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Background introduction to the brush with grooves of the makeup brush set and the makeup device including this brush

by:MHLAN     2021-09-18
Today, we will introduce a cosmetic brush background structure with grooves. The invention relates to a brush, in particular a brush for applying cosmetics to keratinous fibers, in particular a brush for applying mascara to eyelashes or for dyeing hair, and to a makeup device containing the brush. Usually, the brush has an elongated core, formed by spirally winding two branches of a wire, and bristles radially mounted on the core and caught between the wound branches. The brush has at least one Grooves to hold some cosmetics during the brushing process. Common brushes, specifically FR-A, 605, 505 and FR-A-2, 715, 038 for applying cosmetics, which include a core member on which the bristles are installed radially. These brushes have At least-a groove, some cosmetics in the brushing process. These prior art brushes can change the amount of cosmetics applied for makeup and the length of the effect, depending on the shape of the groove and the type of use. However, the prior art brushes have only continuous surface grooves. It is also known from GB-A-2, 170, 996 that the brush is used to apply mascara to the eyelashes. These brushes have long bristles and short bristles in turn, forming a U-shaped notch. This brush can only be applied to the eyelashes. A small amount of mascara. Moreover, the combing of eyelashes and the application of mascara on the eyelashes are still unsatisfactory. Although the results of these prior art brushes are generally satisfactory, it seems that there is still a need to provide a brush that allows the eyelashes to pass through the brush comfortably, so that the makeup is applied evenly and the eyelashes are properly separated. Another object of the present invention is to provide a brush that is simple and economical to apply, and is very practical. According to the first aspect of the present invention, the result of this requirement is surprisingly obtained, that is, the brush includes an elongated core, bristles radially arranged on the core, and at least one including at least two intersecting surfaces The first side of the groove is called 'the back of the notchA concave angle B between 60 degrees and 180 degrees is formed at any point where they intersect. The brush can be used to comb and or modify hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, etc. The outer surface of the brush is defined by the ends of the bristles of the brush. The envelope surface of the brush is defined as the end surface containing the longest bristles of the brush. The central axis of the brush is determined by the axis of the core piece of the brush.
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