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Brush with grooves of makeup brush set and makeup device including the brush

by:MHLAN     2021-09-19
Today, our cosmetic brush set factory will introduce a kind of cosmetic brush with grooves. The brush includes an elongated core, bristles radially mounted on the core, and at least one groove. The groove is composed of at least two intersecting surfaces. The first surface is called the 'back of the notch'. The faces are called 'notch front faces. 1. The brush (101, 201, 301, 401, 501, 601, 701, a01, 901, 111, l1O1) includes an elongated core member 102, which determines the central axis of the brush and the diameter of the bristles (104) To install on the core 5, the ends of these bristles define the outer surface of the brush, and the ends of the longest bristles define its envelope surface (101.1, 111.1, 111.12), and the brush has at least one concave Groove (106, 206, 406a, 406b, 506, 706, 806), the groove includes at least two intersecting surfaces, of which the first surface (106.2, 206.2, 116.2, 606.2, 706.2, 806.2 on the back of the notch, the height H is along the The central axis changes, the second surface (106.1, 206.1, 116.1, 606, 706.1, 806.l) is called the front face of the notch, and its height h changes along the mandrel. The intersection surface 10 is defined by a groove line (107, 607, 117, 117.2, 807, 107), one of the grooves (105.1, 206.1, 116.1, 606.1, 706.1) and the front surface of the notch of the brush (101.l, 111.1, 111.12) or the second concave The intersection of the back side of the notch (206.2, 606.2) of the groove defines the peak ridge (108.1), and at any point of this intersection, the corner of the emission angle a is formed, and a notch (210, 310,110), characterized in that the two intersecting surfaces are asymmetrical, and a concave angle B between 60 degrees and 180 degrees is formed at any 15 point where they intersect. 2. Such as the brush 1O1 of claim 1, 201, 301, 401, 501, 601, 701, 801, 901, 111, 1101), characterized in that: the core piece (102) is spirally wound by two branches of a wire (103), and the bristles (104) are clamped Between the branches where the core is wound. 3. The brush (101, 201, 301, 401, 501, 601, 701, 801, 901, 111, 1101) according to claim 1, wherein the grooves are obtained by trimming the brush. 4. The brush (101, 201, 301, 401, 501, 601, 701, 801, 901, 111) as claimed in claim 1, characterized in that the two surfaces extend from one end of the brush to the other end.
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