Can blush be applied by hand? Use a brush or puff

by:MHLAN     2020-06-30
I don’t know if you have the same feeling. When you apply blush, the whole person will become a lot more beautiful, so I think that blush is very important in the entire makeup. Today, mhlan will introduce it to everyone. Blush can Do you apply it by hand? Use a brush or puff for blush? Can blush be applied by hand Yes, smile and find the highest point of the cheekbones, and then set up a blush brush and apply it to the cheekbones of both cheeks in a circular way. You can also use a cream blush and apply it directly to the highest part of the cheekbone by hand, just like a foundation cream, and smudge it into a round shape. The makeup effect created in this way is clear and natural. Use a brush or puff for blush To use powder blush, be sure to choose a high-quality blush brush. First, shake the powder on the blush brush a few times on the tissue to avoid dipping the blush too much. To prevent too much blush brush, you can also apply the blush brush repeatedly on the back of the hand after dipping the blush to avoid excessive use on the cheeks. When brushing the blusher, gently brush the cheekbones from the inside to the outside. If you think the color is too light, you can repeat the blushing several times. Types of blush Powdery blush: Compared to creamy and creamy blushes, the powdery texture can help you suppress some of the shine. However, women with dry skin should use it with caution. Don't feel that powdery blush is easy to sweep, just try it blindly. Because of the lack of moisture and oil on the skin surface, the blush powder will float on the face and look like wearing a mask. Creamy blush: The oily ingredients contained in the creamy blush can meet the needs of thirsty skin, and at the same time it is easy to put the color on the skin surface. In general, the color of creamy blush will be relatively thicker, which can highlight the rosy look, coupled with long-lasting makeup effect, so it is more suitable for grand occasions. Liquid blush: Since Benefit launched the first bottle of liquid blush, many brands have also begun to implement this concept. This bottle of inconspicuous liquid can give your face a rosy natural penetration from the inside out, and it is also very long-lasting and will not fall off. Even more amazing is that it can also be used on the lips to restore your delicate lips to the tenderness of the past.
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