Can I use a brush to sweep the powder? Is it better

by:MHLAN     2020-06-29
Compact powder is our base makeup tool, which can both set makeup and conceal, a very diverse makeup. Today, No. 5 Net Editor will introduce to you, can you use a brush to sweep powder? Is it better to use powder brush or powder puff? Can the compact powder be swept with a brush Not only does the powder puff make up the powder, but you can also use a brush to sweep it, and the brush makes the makeup more natural and thin. The powder puff comes with a puff when it is packaged, but the puff makeup is far less natural than the brush and it needs to be cleaned frequently to maintain hygiene. The powder is usually used to set makeup and make up. Before applying makeup, use a cotton pad to wipe off the floating powder on the face. Rub a little moisturizing lotion on the part where makeup is needed, and then use the powder to make up. If the moisturizing work is not done well, there may be floating powder, stuck powder, etc. on the face! Use a brush or puff for compact powder It is better to use a powder puff for wet powder compacts and a powder brush for dry powder compacts. There are some powder brushes that can also be used to apply wet powder foundation to make up makeup, but because it is more difficult to master, it is not recommended to use, so when creating a makeup in daily life, you can first use a puff to apply wet powder to make a foundation , And then use the powder brush to dip dry powder or powder to set makeup. Applying powder makeup with a puff will make the face firm and snug. It is suitable for wet powders, but it is easy to make the makeup feel too thick. Using a makeup brush can create a light makeup. But if the skin foundation is not good, it is easy to cause the concealer to be incomplete, disobedient and not as easy to operate as sponge makeup. Several professional tips for compact powder Tips for using compact powder: Start from the center and smooth along the texture Apply the powder according to the direction of pore growth. This is correct. We need to spread out from the center, along the texture of the skin, gently push the foundation evenly, or use a point pressure method, slow Slowly make the pressed powder fit better with the skin. Tips for using compact powder: Fold the puff to deal with tiny positions For the tiny places such as the nose and the corners of the mouth, we can fold the puff in half, dip the appropriate amount of powder, and gently press on these parts. Tips for using compact powder: the color of neck and neck should be consistent The color of the neck position should be consistent, otherwise the color difference between the face and the neck will be too large. Apply powder on the neck, and then use a clean powder puff to gently smooth it out and soften it to make the foundation more compliant.
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