Can the blush expire? Essentials for using the blush brush

by:MHLAN     2020-09-29

In our daily life, many people like to apply blush when applying makeup. The beautiful appearance of blush can add a lot of points to the entire person. So can the blush expire? Essentials of using the blush brush.

Can the blush expire?
The shelf life of general powder makeup products is 5 or 6 years, but due to some problems, the production date on the product can only be marked for 3 years. As long as the product is not spoiled, discolored or smelled. They are still usable without any problems. As long as you usually keep it well, you can actually use it with confidence. However, the texture of liquid foundation, BB cream, barrier cream, and make-up milk itself is also due to the problem of directly fitting the skin and texture. If this type of expired, it is best not to use it on the face. It is OK to use it on the neck or partly for trimming, highlighting, concealing.

Essentials for using the blush brush
Point 1: Combine the face shape with light and dark contrast to make the face shape more three-dimensional

The lack of light and shade coloring methods will make the face more flat. Oriental women who are not sufficiently three-dimensional in their facial features need to pay special attention to this principle. They must use blush and trimming to create the three-dimensionality of the face.

Point 2: Make good use of two-color blush to create the most natural makeup

Monochrome blush can create a sense of color, but it is more rigid and rigid. If it can be matched with different blush colors, not only the makeup can show a natural color, but the blush can also be more vivid.

Point 3: The best matching tool for upper blush is a fan-shaped brush

Because the fan-shaped brush will show a rounded arc due to force when brushing, and this arc is the most beautiful blush arc, so it is the best auxiliary tool when applying blush.

Point 4: In order to prevent the hand from being too heavy, it is best to apply it on the back of the hand in advance

The most terrifying blush application method is the makeup of red and big color blocks like Taiwanese actors. This excessive dosage error is the most common mistake of many beginners. If you can’t get the right amount of powder, you may wish to hit it first. On the back of your hand, just in case.

What is the shelf life of the blush
The shelf life of each cosmetic is different. Generally, the shelf life of loose powder blush is two to three years.

When we buy cosmetics, it is best to see the shelf life of the cosmetics. If it has expired, we must not buy it. When we buy the cosmetics within the shelf life, we must also use the cosmetics as soon as possible within the shelf life, do not let it expire, otherwise It will also cost us money.

Shelf life of general cosmetics

1. Eyeliner and eyeliner

If there are white heads that cannot be cut off on the tip of the eyeliner pen of the MM, they will be thrown away. If the applied eyeliner is very easy to remove makeup, this is the expired signal of the eyeliner. The lifespan of the eyeliner is no more than half a year, and the lifespan of the eyeliner is generally about 1 year.

2. Mascara

It is generally safer to replace a mascara in 3 to 4 months. When the mascara of the MM emits a smell of gasoline, or appears tangled and clumped, and a granular object appears on the eyelashes, then remember to stop using it immediately.

3. Eye shadow

In fact, the shelf life of powdered eyeshadow is generally about two years. Remember to clean the eyeshadow brush regularly, otherwise it will bring a lot of bacteria into the eyeshadow tray. If MMs are used to applying eyeshadow by hand, they must wash their hands before applying makeup.
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