Can the face wash brush be used every day? How

by:MHLAN     2020-06-30
In recent years, various face washes and face washes have emerged endlessly. Electric and manual are dazzling. What MHLAN wants to answer for you today is, can the face wash brush be used every day? How often should the face wash brush be changed? Can the face wash brush be used every day It is not recommended to use it every day, just use it 1-2 times a week, especially for sensitive skin, it will be allergic and will cause pores to become larger. The friction between the brush and the skin is also affected by the pressure. The tighter the brush head is pressed against the skin, the greater the friction and the stronger the exfoliating force, so please do not press too much. How often does the face wash brush change It is better to change every three months. The cleaning effect of the face brush comes from mechanical friction. The bristles are very fine and can touch the dermatoglyphs and hair follicles that cannot be touched by the hand. This is true whether it is reciprocating vibration or circular rotation. The reciprocating vibration has a smaller range of motion, so the friction force is smaller than that of the circumferential type, so the exfoliating force will be relatively weaker (mild). How to wash your face scientifically Wang Jiahua, chief physician of the Department of Dermatology of Lihuili Hospital in Beijing, said that for patients with skin problems, daily face washing should be scientifically 'simplified': put a basin of cold water, put gauze, soak, wring dry, and apply to the face for half a minute After removing, repeat the above steps two or three times. 'You don't need to use facial cleanser, nor do you need to use any facial brush. The gauze is porous and has a siphon effect, which can absorb the dirt on the face.' Wang Jiahua said. For the general population, the expert's recommendation is to wash your face in a gentle circular motion, do not use hot water or scrub hard, so as not to over-clean the damaged stratum corneum. As for the facial cleanser, it is almost once a day.
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