Caring For Your Makeup Brushes

by:MHLAN     2020-06-21
Makeup brushes are indispensable tools which are required to create a flawless and well-groomed face. These brushes help you accomplish your makeup goals by aiding you to achieve the smoky eye, perfectly drawn winged eyeliner and perfectly painted lips with ease and expertise. Although high end make up brushes may cost a fortune but these are well worth the money because they make the task of applying makeup truly enjoyable. The deciding factor that makes a makeup brush good or bad is its bristles and a good quality brush will always have bristles made from natural fiber. Although high quality make up brushes are bound to last for a long time, but one can severely shorten the lifespan of these if one does not learn how to care for them. There are many steps that you need to take if you want to care for your brushes, the foremost being to rinse the brushes immediately after using it to apply bright colors. Just like how one must immediately rinse the dishes in order to make it easier to wash them, one should rinse the makeup brushes immediately too for getting rid of the color. In this way the possibility of staining the bristles of your brushes is greatly diminished. Another thing that you can do in order to ensure that your makeup brushes are always in usable condition is to have them cleaned on a regular basis in order to get rid of build-up of cosmetic products and bacteria. A cleanser for make up brushes can be used for this task and it is an alcohol-based cleanser which is recommended if time is a factor. Not only is the cleaning thorough but these also facilitate faster drying which is why they are convenience personified. Alternatively, you can also use a mild shampoo or cleansing oil in order to wash your brushes. Did you know that you can 'mold' the shape of your make up brushes? Yes, it is indeed possible to customize the shape of the brush according to the need of the hour. For this, you simply have to dampen the brushes with the help of water or cleaning alcohol and then mold the brushes into the desired or original shape with the help of your fingers. One of the points that you have to be mindful about when it comes to makeup brushes is to know the ideal position in which it should be dried. The best position is to have your brushes lying flat on any even surface. You should not allow your makeup brushes to dry tip-up because water can seep in the ferrule (metallic band holding the bristles together) and cause it to rust. Similarly, drying the make up brushes tip-down is not a solution because this will cause the brush to go out of shape. Thus, you simply need to lay them flat and allow them to air dry completely for around eight hours after you wash them. While you might be tempted to hold a blow-dryer or to place the brush in direct sunlight so that it dries faster, it is advisable not to follow either of the techniques and run the brush gently along a paper towel instead. In order to engage in long term maintenance for make up brushes, one should invest in a good brush holder. The brush holder would not only display the makeup brushes that you have in an artsy way but would also hold the brushes in the correct position, i.e. with their bristles up. These brushes are your best friends when it comes to applying cosmetics in a correct manner. Therefore it is worth the time you spend to care for the brushes after every use or even a few uses so that the next time is also as pleasant an experience as all the previous times and remains that way for years to come.
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