Cheek is red brush production - in guangdong MHLAN toiletries

by:MHLAN     2020-10-03
The moisture. To dry the water in front of the water, this powder is not so serious. Cheek is red brush grooming general starting before eye, through the bridge of the nose to nose two side, and then the alar part repeat besmear to brush a few times. When the modified flat nose, can not blindly in the bridge of the nose two side draw a shadow, not only not improve the effect of the bridge of the nose, this also make makeup look unnatural. Grooming must be based on the round face, face width and nose small face, want to make bright T zone in order to increase the face stereo feeling. Think long nose is too long on the nose side draw a shadow, to shorten the visual effect of the nose. Eye shadow brush generally divided into large and medium size, mainly used in the bottom of the big, generally choose flat brush, the brush is used for the main color, flat brush can also choose, but slightly less than the bottom, the secondary account to deal with the details. Some girls will start with halo brush, apply eye shadow with the brush after dizzy, can make eye makeup more natural, makeup effect is better! For detail makeup tools: make up brush powdery foundation brush is divided into three types of flat cheek is red brush on the market at present, most of the foundation brush hair flat brush, brush for synthetic fibers, much longer, the tail is oval or square. To brush the front about 1/2 to 1/3 comes in contact with skin, use slide push the way of foundation or pile foundation. But the disadvantage is that cover ability is weak, and will not absorb moisture from the foundation. Suitable for skin conditions better, or dry skin. , flat head, flat inclined foundation brush. Flat feather slightly tapering circular arc, the most common is the longest use, flat head foundation brush best use in the eyes and face from scratch. Flat type feather, and flat, high quality flat foundation brush aggregation feather is concave, is the most can hit light effect. Flat inclined type feather material density, culminating in balance hair, density and length. Broken makeup brush is good or bad. Brushes is not animal wool, the area around all dab cream, cheek is red brush there are now you see a lot of toothbrush brush type foundation. This type of foundation brush was the first launch of the MAC. Hair brush is a man-made fibre and different size. This kind of pink brush and traditional foundation brush or some differences. You can choose according to individual be fond of freedom. Liquid cosmetics brush must be synthetic fibers, because artificial fiber grasping force of liquid, paste is the best. Artificial fiber brush besides dab liquid, cream cosmetics, can also dab of powder cosmetics, such as mineral powder, diamond powder, cheek is red powder, etc. , but on the catch ability of powder and animal hair compared to many poor,
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