Clean makeup brushes regularly to extend tool life

by:MHLAN     2020-07-02
Most women need to make up every day, and cleaning brushes become particularly important. If the brush is not cleaned regularly, a lot of bacteria will easily grow and affect the skin and skin damage on the face. But how to clean the brush correctly? Come and follow us to see what details you should pay attention to! 1. Cleaning methods of makeup tools 1. Use clean lip brush After each use of the lip brush, wipe the excess lipstick on the lip brush with a paper towel. To use different lipsticks, scrub the tissues with lip cleansing cream carefully, and then wipe them again with water-soaked tissues. Encyclopedia: Lip bristles are easy to fall off, so don’t use too much force when cleaning. 2. Eyebrow brush and eyelash comb The eyelash comb is wiped clean after use, no other cleaning procedures are required. The eyebrow bristles are hard and easy to clean. If the eyebrow brush is dirty, use soap to clean it. At this time, you can use the eyelash comb to comb away the dirt between the eyebrow brush bristles. 3. Cleaning the eyelash curler The eyelash curler rubber pad and the metal clip on the pad are most likely to adhere to the mascara. If there is mascara remaining on it, it will corrode the rubber pad, so you can use the eye and lip makeup remover to clean it. Encyclopedia: Eyelash curlers should be disinfected with alcohol cotton pads every day. Once the rubber pad is dirty, it should be replaced immediately, otherwise it will clip the eyelashes and cause damage to the eyelashes. Keep your eyes and skin healthy. 4. Puff sponge cleaning It is used to apply foundation puff, and the clean side should be used for each makeup. Wash thoroughly with soap to ensure the safety and health of the skin. Small encyclopedia: Puffs become wet when they are absorbed by the foundation, which is easy to cause a large number of bacteria to multiply, so careful cleaning is necessary. 5. Portable cosmetic bag The cosmetic bag is a must-have for every woman, and it is also a dead end that is easy to hide dirt. Checking the inner lining of the cosmetic bag will cause harm to the facial skin if it is not cleaned or replaced regularly. Encyclopedia: No matter what kind of cosmetic bag, cleaning the contents from time to time is also the key to keeping the cosmetic bag clean. It is recommended to use diluted alcohol and adjust the concentration with alcohol: distilled water = 7:3. 2. Notes on cleaning makeup tools 1. Frequent cleaning changes Brush cleaning frequently causes the brush to deform. It should also be noted that after the brush is laid flat, be sure to put on the cover that comes with the brush to protect the bristles from deformation. 2. The exposure sponge becomes hard When cleaning sponge tools, do not rub them hard, especially when cleaning tools wrapped in sponges such as eye shadow sticks, etc., you should be gentle and careful, otherwise the sponge will be easily broken. Little Encyclopedia: Some people like to put it in the sun for disinfection after cleaning, which will make the sponge hard and aging, affecting the makeup effect. Sponge tools are consumables. If the sponge becomes hard and the edges are damaged, it should be replaced. 3. Eyebrow comb is easy to be ignored Eyebrow combs are the easiest to ignore blind spots. They are darker in color and rarely used directly against cosmetics. If the color of the eyebrows is still dark after combing, it means that the eyebrow comb needs to be cleaned. Otherwise, the color of the eyebrows will become darker and darker after combing the eyebrows.
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