Cleaning the makeup brush in this way will make

by:MHLAN     2020-06-22
   Many people don't know how to clean the makeup brush is the correct way. Let's talk about the method of cleaning the makeup brush to make the makeup brush more durable.   Washing method of makeup brush: There are two types of makeup brush cleaning, washing and dry cleaning. The frequency of dry cleaning is usually higher, but washing is the most thorough method of cleaning tools.   Necessary items:    1. Professional lotion.   I use cheap and easy-to-use lotion from Japan. Divided into scrubbing tools and puffs. MAC also has a brush lotion that is said to be very useful.    2. Any makeup brush that can be washed.    I cleaned the Yaxiangli foundation brush that I usually use.    1. Washing method:    Generally speaking, after buying the makeup brush, you need to wash off the floating hair and dirt, and then wash the frequency about once a month. But as far as my personal habit is concerned, I use the foundation brush to wash it once a week at most, and then let it rest for at least a week, during which time I use another brush or sponge to apply the foundation. Because it feels easier to breed bacteria after using wet cosmetics.    When cleaning, pay attention to the connection between the handle and the brush head. Do not get wet. If you do not pay attention, it may be degummed after a long time. I previously had a Tarte brush that had been degummed and broke.    animal hair brush   Note that if the bristles are animal hair, they must be cleaned with a professional lotion, otherwise the brush will be washed and blown.   Rinse with warm water in the direction of the bristles.    1. Squeeze the lotion into a container, dip the brush in the lotion and brush on and off the egg.   You can also squeeze the lotion directly onto the scrubbed egg, and then brush.   If you don’t wash the eggs, gently brush them back and forth.    2. Until the color of the foundation liquid cannot be brushed, the foundation liquid sticking to the root of the bristle can not be seen until the bristles are removed.    3. Rinse with warm water in the direction of the bristles.    4. Use paper towels to absorb the moisture of the bristles. Don't twist the button. I use kitchen paper with good water absorption.    Second, artificial hair brush    The method is the same as washing animal brushes, except that the cleaning agent is replaced with a puff. Because the wool scrub is relatively mild, it is difficult to clean the artificial brush. The artificial brush can also be washed with silicone-free shampoo or baby shampoo.    1. Rinse the bristles with warm water, taking care not to touch the connection of the handle    2. Pour the washing liquid in the container, pour the washing liquid, then dip the brush with the bristles to wash the egg and brush it back and forth.    3. Rinse with water, then repeat the previous steps until no dirt can be washed, then rinse with water. Soak up the water on the brush with a paper towel.    Drying method:   The protective net of makeup brushes available on Taobao, cut it with scissors to a suitable length, and then put it on the brush. Make sure that the brush cannot be laid flat when it is hung. It needs to be hung like this with the bristles facing down.    I used a sponge to make a small tool hanging brush, because I wash less brushes each time, so I did not enter the brush rack, if you need it, you can go to Taobao to get one   Summary: Washing is the cleanest method. Daiso lotion is also more affordable and simple. On weekends, find time to wash once.
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