Complete the cleaning of the makeup brush in three steps

by:MHLAN     2020-06-24
  Three steps to complete the cleaning of the makeup brush. If it is not clear, it does not matter. Let's see how the editor explains it.    First, after use, brush along the facial tissues to wipe off excess residual cosmetics.    Second, maintain once a week, soak the brush in diluted warm soapy water, wash along the hair, then rinse with cold water. Blot the moisture slightly with tissue paper, and after finishing, lay the brush flat until it is completely dry. 3. After cleaning the makeup brush, let it dry naturally. Do not dry it with a hair dryer or let it dry in the sun, otherwise it may damage the material; do not stand the brush upright in the cup to dry because the center of gravity Will run to the side of the wet bristles, so that after drying, the brush will be deformed. After washing, you can also use hair conditioner to soak it, which will make the bristles softer.
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