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by:MHLAN     2020-10-02
Makeup brushes hair is commonly used animal hair, because the animal hair was mostly consists of a series of amino acids by protein peptide bond into a chain structure, is excellent raw material production cosmetic brush. Now on the market there are many kinds of cosmetic brush, high-end cosmetic brush more high-grade quality, so, what kind of material makeup brush is better? Pahmi MAO. More inclined eyebrow brush head. As for between white and black. Because hair is so thick doesn't fit as the delicate skin of makeup brush. Bristle. More inclined eyebrow brush head. Is also used as a brow comb, and hair pahmi, because hair is so thick doesn't fit the tender skin of makeup brush. Yellow hair. High-grade wool. The unit price for the squirrel hair 4 - 5 times. Due to the yellow Wolf hair not long hair, so usually used for eye brush. Softness and flexibility are sufficient, makes up for the squirrel, squirrel. So has the function of complement each other. Because of its natural maofeng tea and elasticity, it used to make short the hair eye brush, softness is not enough, because the tops of spikes, respectively, on the other hand, also easy to misunderstanding for MAO 'Mr. ' 'dazzling' and so on, due to the gourmet yellow Wolf hair too expensive so have not been heavily used. Horse hair. Horse hair as well as an ordinary, high grade. Has long hair, short hair. With natural and water washing. Water to wash the horse hair soft and delicate, more soft than wool. Long, water horse hair, the price is equal to peak white wool or even higher than the white tip. Due to the most sensitive eye skin, so the eye of the bristles requires flexibility first, elasticity of the second. Is usually used for eye brush: yellow Wolf hair, squirrel hair, squirrel hair, horse hair, nylon hair. Nylon is artificial wool price less than natural animal hair, yellow Wolf fur squirrel and squirrel price is on the high side, horse hair is preferred. Both soft and affordable, high cost performance, and easy to master. Squirrel: MAO high-grade wool. And its soft and creamy. Don't need processing, namely there is a natural gloss. Mao Shao very fine, coarse hair root, thus the production difficulty is big. Maofeng tea fine and straight. Weakness: is too soft and elastic insufficient. Usually used for powder paint and shadow brush production. The squirrel fur: high-grade wool. Lubrication is one of the characteristics of it. Maofeng tea is not the best, but his hair is the most satiny body. Hair root thick. Also because of this, the squirrel hair should not be separate production of powder or blush. Faults; Because of their hair and satiny body, hair root thick, master when doing the garden, hair falls off easily, coarse hair root cause hair thin hollow feeling extremely easily again. The mountains wool, wool is the most common cosmetic brush with wool, by industry standards is also one of the best wool. Because of goat hair itself has high, medium and low-grade, can meet the requirements of different groups on the makeup brush material. Goat maomao root weight, the production process is easier to handle. High-grade goat hair brush is the best material, satisfy the needs of flexibility, and meet the needs of flexibility.
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