Description of invention patent for cosmetic brush box storing multiple cosmetic brushes

by:MHLAN     2021-10-06
The present invention relates to a cosmetic brush box for storing a plurality of cosmetic brushes, in particular to a compact cosmetic brush box that allows the cosmetic brushes to be fan-shaped when the box is opened, which can protect the brushes from damage and is convenient to use. Generally speaking, makeup brushes are placed in a cylindrical container. Various cosmetic brushes are placed in a container standing on the table. The cylindrical container standing on the table is unstable. The brush will fall out when the container is dropped. Moreover, because the position of the brush is not fixed and some brushes stand close to each other, it is inconvenient. In addition, the container is not suitable for carrying. Because even after use, the brush is exposed to the air, it is difficult to keep the brush clean. If contaminants and dust adhere to the brush, it is difficult to remove them, because high-viscosity makeup materials are usually attached to the brush. In addition, wallet-type boxes have been widely used. It is designed that a box made of thin soft leather or thin vinyl leather has a plurality of containing parts, each containing the handle of each cosmetic brush. When the box is folded, the cosmetic brushes are exposed, and the box with the brushes can also be easily carried. However, the wallet-shaped box is quite inconvenient when the brush is to be opened before use, and when the brushes are to be rearranged after use. It takes a lot of time to perform these operations. In addition, it is inconvenient to take out and put the brush. Moreover, when carrying, because the wallet box is compressed or deformed, the bristles of each brush will be damaged. If it is determined that the direction of the wallet-type box is to make the bristles of the brush downward, the ends of the bristles will be damaged by the weight of the brush itself. Therefore, the wallet-type box is small and suitable for safe storage of makeup brushes. Therefore, the object of the present invention is to provide a cosmetic brush box, which is convenient in the manipulation and use of the cosmetic brush. Another object of the present invention is to provide a cosmetic brush box which maintains a stable state when the brush is used.
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