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by:MHLAN     2020-10-03
Dongguan make-up brush _ the brush for you? A the perfect and flawless face is not only a makeup look, also largely depends on how at the same time. Believe any makeup artist will not hesitate to tell you, their makeup tips on their tools. The right tools, can help you accurately and easily want makeup effect. If the right makeup brush, they'll help you make perfect makeup look, let every part of your precision. Have a good makeup brush, cosmetic effect is good or bad means that in a few years. Now there are so many kinds of cosmetic brush, it's hard to identify which kind do you need. But don't worry, today the dongguan MHLAN cosmetic appliance co. , LTD will lead you to establish a set of basic makeup brush set, and teach you how to select suitable for your brush. Makeup brush is worth the investment brush is proportional to the quality and its price. It's brush is good: they are like human hair soft and natural cuticle. Don't omit synthetic brush, of course, they can be very good stick on cosmetic use liquid and cream. In terms of traditional, natural hair makeup brush is more suitable for dry products, such as red cheek and eye shadow. Different kinds of hair also have their respective role. Sable hair, for example, are both suitable for wet products are suitable for dry hair type of products, and the badger hair is the color of choice and control of color. Artificial makeup brush is more suitable for the cream or liquid products, such as concealer or foundation, because they are less likely than natural hair absorb the product itself. In terms of performance, need not worry too much about your brush hair is natural or artificial - — As long as it can achieve the result that you want. Regardless of what material makeup brush should possess the following: brush can't too hard and strong, and flexible to be able to make you a good outline of the outline of the face and eyes; Hard and dense brush will more than the precipitation of loose soft brush color. So when you choose your makeup brush, please remember that all kinds of hair brushes you will need.
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