Experts advise of makeup brush and use - to choose MHLAN toiletries

by:MHLAN     2020-09-30
Colour makeup is prevented bask in a more attractive sometimes we will reduce the damage from ultraviolet rays also blame on makeup. Sun very fragile skin, usually prevent bask in practice is to use sunscreen first, but later would ignore the sunscreen function of facial make-up. The labial ministry is prevented bask in, almost no effective means. Therefore, make-up series with sun care effect is very important. Expert proposal, sunscreen cosmetics SPF of 15 of the most appropriate, because this value can isolate more than 90% of the ultraviolet ray, also won't bring great burden to skin. If can with anti-aging effect of combination of vitamins and some special moisturizing ingredients, it can not only prevent bask in, can make skin more lasting caress. Not let the eye stimulate eyes many ophthalmologists have put forward a serious warning: avoid the line on the surface of the painting within the eyelash line is too close to the eye area. Due to rough (careless) which could hurt the eyes, and the tools of eyeliner or supplies may also be caused by inadvertently come into contact with the eye surface infection, especially when the tool is not cleaned. To the point of view of colour makeup effect, painted eyeliner in eyelash line don't have any real effect. Because it is too close to the eyes, but can let an eye look more small; And canthus is easily infected with residual eyeliner.
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