Experts recommend the selection and use of makeup brushes

by:MHLAN     2020-09-29
Makeup sunscreen is more attractive

Sometimes we blame the damage from ultraviolet rays on makeup. The skin under the sun is very fragile, the usual sunscreen practice is to use sunscreen first, but then will ignore the sunscreen function of facial makeup. As for the lip sunscreen, there is almost no effective means. Therefore, make-up series with sun protection effect is very important. Experts suggest that the spf value of sunscreen makeup is 15 is the most appropriate, because this value can isolate more than 90% of ultraviolet rays, and it will not bring a great burden to the skin. If it can be combined with anti-aging vitamins and a special moisturizing ingredient, it will not only protect the skin, but also provide long-lasting care.

Don't let eyeliner irritate your eyes

Many ophthalmologists have put forward a serious warning: avoid drawing eyeliner within the eyelash line too close to the surface of the eyeball. Because this may accidentally hurt the eyes, and the tools or supplies used to draw the eyeliner may also inadvertently touch the surface of the eyeball and cause infection, especially when the tools have not been cleaned. From the perspective of makeup effects, the eyeliner drawn inside the lash line has no real effect at all. Because it is too close to the eyes, it will make the eyes look smaller; and the corners of the eyes are easily stained with residual eyeliner.
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