Eye shadow brush, concealer brush cleaning skills? - MHLAN toiletries

by:MHLAN     2020-09-30
1. Will brush fully immersed in water, about 2 minutes. Take the right amount of special makeup brush cleaner, drop on the brush. 2. Using point to an abdomen, gently press the brush crowded to brush the makeup and dirt, and then clean with clear water. Repeat press and cleaning the steps until the colour makeup and dirt completely cleared. 3. Brush the water pressure with a clean towel dry, flat on top of towel for its natural dried away again. Concealer brush: because concealer dense than the liquid foundation, it is easy to bottom makeup shades at drawing, so must be used before using liquid foundation harmonic concentration. Width of the brush head concealer brush is suitable for the eyes and cheeks, besmear brushs should be along the skin texture. To cover local dot markings, concealer brush, fine brush head in the concealer points repeatedly in a spot place, until completely covered. Block defect when must use a small amount of dab, besmear repeatedly.
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