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by:MHLAN     2020-10-03
Eyeliner brush, lip brush is synthetic hair. Defect is 4, cheek is red brush nose two side pore is bulky cheek area, can use a flat brush again fill in the form of dab press, to achieve the effect of pile foundation. 5,NG:30° Remember, if the Angle is too big or too small, flat brush and skin are easy to form a brush mark on the face. The second foundation brush type is flat round brush bristles and is characterized by more thicker, tail cut flat. : shading in general, eye shadow is not easy to dizzy, and the brush is hard, there will be a firm face. Makeup brush it is necessary to buy expensive? Content is here, in fact, makeup brushes in the expensive and not in the brand visibility, makeup brush has a lot of abroad is very expensive, but the quality and moderate price is the same as the home, buy cosmetic brush can choose according to their own economic conditions, three-dimensional face in an instant. Makeup honey honey paint painting than powder puff effect more natural, soft cheek red brush make makeup effect nature is not affected, and relatively save the amount of powder. Powder paint is in use, can gently dab powder, after redundant float pink filter out, in the calm makeup on the face, gently. Finally, by a pen a pen will face down on the excess powder paint in addition to the lip brush lip brush can easily will be remaining lipstick use light lipstick tube, if there is no labial line pen, can also be used to map lip line; If there is some lipstick, can use lip brush out a new color, can put the painting more evenly pressed, do calm makeup make colour makeup is more harmonious. Should be paid attention to when choosing sweet stucco high-quality natural pure wool brush, wool quantity thick plump for beautiful, pure manual wool sweet stucco excellent tactility and strong grasp the powder, the shortest time make easily delicate makeup look. Fine makeup concealer brush this brush is used for fine fan, brushes, and a certain hardness is required to achieve better makeup effect, cheek is red brush honey redundant float pink paint used to sweep off face, is the largest of makeup brush a brush, its texture is soft, do not stimulate the skin. Points are: from the shape of conical honey paint, easy to handle detail parts of the face; Round sweet stucco, dip in powder amount is much, easy, make-up brush feel fluffy and very suitable for full face; Sweet stucco sector, has the best accuracy, sideways to play the powder of large area, tilted can play with highlights details such as vertical with can handle the nose area. Be made of natural and artificial MAO MAO mix and match. Brushes little knowledge of choose and buy: 1, the bristles to feel soft and smooth, tight structure. 2, fingers grip the brush, comb gently downwards, check whether the bristles fall off easily. 3, will brush gently on the back of hand, draw a semicircle, check whether the bristles clipping in order. 4, with hot air blowing the bristles to distinguish species: stay for animals,
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