Good makeup is done by brushing, a brush set is essential for everyone

by:MHLAN     2021-10-03
Good makeup is very important for women. Good makeup can make women more beautiful and can cover women's original imperfections, such as acne or spots. It can also make the dark skin look white visually. Good makeup and exquisite makeup are the key to women's success and beauty. High-value brush set, are you ready? This brush set allows you to be a makeup artist yourself, and the designer strives to create a makeup brush set that combines fashion and use. The smooth appearance and fashion modification will give you a different experience! Meet your makeup needs, soft bristles, create a professional makeup artist's makeup! Unique ingenuity, flawless makeup brushed out, according to the makeup characteristics of the face and eyes, provide a more delicate makeup effect than makeup on the fingertips. Use skin-friendly nylon hair, strong powder grip, natural makeup, complete special purpose, delicate and elastic. There are 12 makeup brushes. The remaining powder brush is mainly used to remove excess loose powder and eye shadow powder on the face. The total length is 16.5CM and the hair length is 4CM. Loose powder blush brush, mainly used for coloring and blending blush, with a total length of 16CM and a hair length of 4CM. Contour contouring brush, which can be used as a contouring and shadowing brush for the face, with a total length of 15CM and a hair length of 3.3CM. Foundation brush, flexible bristles, used for foundation and cream. The total length is 14.5CM and the hair length is 2.5CM. Concealer brush, used for concealer concealer pen to evenly cover facial blemishes. The total length is 15.3CM and the hair length is 0.9CM. Eye shadow brush, used to modify eye shadow and make eye makeup more layered. The total length is 15.5CM and the hair length is 1.1CM. The nose shadow brush is soft and smooth, highlighting the layering of the bridge of the nose, with a total length of 15.5CM and a hair length of 1.1CM. The eyebrow brush, with a bevel design, makes it easier to draw your favorite eyebrow shape, with a total length of 15cm and a hair length of 0.7cm. The lip brush, the outline of the lip and the coloring of the lipstick and lipstick make the lip makeup natural. The total length is 15.3CM, and the hair length is 0.9CM. Eyeshadow stick, eye makeup tool for upper eyeshadow, total length 15.3CM, tip 1CM. The mascara brush, spiral-shaped bristles, makes the mascara more effective. The total length is 17CM and the bristles are 2.5CM. Eyebrow comb dual-purpose brush, used for repairing and trimming eyebrows, with a total length of 16.5cm and a brush length of 3cm. Good makeup is done by brushing. The brush set is necessary for everyone. Have you configured it?
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