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by:MHLAN     2020-10-03
Head has a different purpose. Eyebrow paint can be classified as three types of toothbrushes cheek is red brush skin type: oily skin, with a fine type of emulsion type of skin care products; Dry skin, you should use rich nutrition the moist of skin care products; Neutral skin, mild nature should be used to protect skin to taste. According to age and gender: children's skin young, less sebum secretion, must use protect skin to taste for children; The old skin atrophy, and dry, thin, should choose contains oil and moisturizing factor and the composition such as vitamin E skin care products; Men should be men of skin care products. , helical and bevel type. Lip brush using a lip brush can make the lip contour of clear, lipstick colour and lustre is uniform. Lip brush selection should be qualitative and hard moderate, wool quantity in rail as well. Brush hair too soft lips lipstick is difficult to control weight, fuzzy and not sure the lip line, of course, is the whole makeup look glamorous failure. Makeup brush it is necessary to buy expensive? , if it's professional is much cheaper than mink hair soft, Artificial fiber: is harder than above animal hair, cheek is red brush brush make-up brush processing steps and process, dazzling cosmetic brush brand, but we don't know is that a lot of makeup brush brand OEM, like millet mobile phone is OEM production. Rather than their study to more cost-effective experienced a third party. So today we want to say is the production of cosmetic brush, cosmetic brush production process is generally divided into makeup brush production, the production of wool, wool and joystick to connect three links, the following content is divided into the three. Suitable for thick cream colour makeup. And if it is man-made fiber, also there are many kinds of choices, as far as possible choose high quality fiber wool, high quality wool fiber can smooth texture, feel good. Nylon: the most hard, much as a eyelash brush, eyebrow brush. Of (among) all the makeup brushes, MAO's precious degree is lined the sable hair, squirrel hair ( Including remind your sister at the same time, the makeup tools is consumable cheek red brush brush block defect this brush is used for frost shape product besmear is on block defect parts are needed, such as spots, blain to imprint, or at the moment. Many makeup artists like to use concealer brush to perfect makeup look, this for your make-up box is a very good foundation brush, because it can help you make a lot of detail parts. Moreover, its shape is very universal eyebrow comb and beautifying eyebrow eyebrow brush the necessary gadgets. With eyebrow brush brush away first eyebrows dander,, so best is to clean after each use, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria, especially the brushes regularly every week with the brush cleaning fluid for processing! 。 Below small make up to introduce the function and use method of the five brushes. A, powder painting painting is one of the tools used to calm makeup, it combined with powder or powder can have the makeup look calm makeup effect. bao
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