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by:MHLAN     2020-10-02
Eyeliner brush, lip brush is synthetic hair. Defect is sweet stucco but, how to choose a good foundation brush, is also a century difficult problem! Brush is good, see the brush head, mouth tube, the center of the brush handle ~ quality foundation brush brush the longest, outside the bristles shorter in a circle, a trapezoid. Density rich thick brush, can make the foundation clingy skin, conceal flaws, and the ability to easily open foundation brush. : shading in general, eye shadow is not easy to dizzy, and the brush is hard, there will be a firm face. Makeup brush it is necessary to buy expensive? Content is here, in fact, makeup brushes in the expensive and not in the brand visibility, makeup brush has a lot of abroad is very expensive, but the quality and moderate price is the same as the home, buy cosmetic brush can choose according to their own economic conditions and cheaper than mink coats soft; Man-made fibers: is harder than above animal hair, sweet stucco recognition: from the smell the smell of cosmetics have quietly elegant, some strong, but very pure. If smells acrid odor, explain is fake or bad products. Recognition from the feeling: take a little makeup gently daub on the skin, if can attach to the skin evenly compact and has a smooth and comfortable feeling, is the fine texture of cosmetics. If after coarse daub, sticky feeling, and even dry skin tickling,, is a poor quality cosmetics. Suitable for thick cream colour makeup. And if it is man-made fiber, also there are many kinds of choices, as far as possible choose high quality fiber wool, high quality wool fiber can smooth texture, feel good. Nylon: the most hard, much as a eyelash brush, eyebrow brush. Of (among) all the makeup brushes, MAO's precious degree is lined the sable hair, squirrel hair ( Including after makeup brush to clean, brush handle, brush brush, sweet stucco and those are now we see a lot of toothbrush brush type foundation. This type of foundation brush was the first launch of the MAC. Hair brush is a man-made fibre and different size. This kind of pink brush and traditional foundation brush or some differences. You can choose according to individual be fond of freedom. The brush from the brush handle the top vertical insert brush holder screens, dried in a cool ventilated place, such as it dry naturally. How about makeup brush cleaning small make up have introduced a lot of, including common makeup brush to clean and putting on makeup brush set cleaning method, content is still very fresh today oh, want to be able to help to you. Cosmetic brush, such as
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