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by:MHLAN     2020-10-02
West or with their own comfortable give priority to, make up brush set novice don't want to buy a set of brush, try to pay. Generally there are several teams in every set of brush chicken ribs, beginners will get meng, don't know the purpose of each, idle dust over time. 3, many brushes are multifunctional brush, foundation brush to brush powder, blusher and grooming can be done with the same brush, also does not need a radish, a pit, a buy a brush is the most sensible. Not necessarily must the brushes can only do, what do you want to use will be how to use, but the brush is change from them. Selection of makeup brush: bottom brush will choose flat or tongue, but the tongue type demanding cosmetic technology, easy to leave the brush marks, and because the makeup fast enough, foundation on the face to do. 'as a result, the flat more convenient, more simple, in the use of flat for highlights and shadows on the makeup, build a three-dimensional facial features. Three is, the pursuit of good makeup brush set to fit in the the foundation of a brush, recommend type toothbrush! Handle with the good effort, good push easily, is a the novice on the makeup of the artifact. Bristles soft close skin, interpretation of the powder evenly, also both beginners the most sensitive point: zero brush marks! A fool makeup brush too much ~ on the bridge of the nose white highlights powder can make the bridge of the nose appear even more solid. Chin sweep highlights powder can balance the whole face center of gravity, highlight stereo feeling of the whole. Make up more than paint brush head is sector, thick flat design is mainly used to sweep off the excessive opaque after calm makeup without affecting the facial makeup. Equilibrium demitint makeup brush this brush hair grow longer and slightly spread shaped, brush is made of high quality cosmetic brush is good or bad. Brushes is not animal wool, the area around all dab cream, makeup brush set with plastic cover die introducing spring tube inside, keep good good hair type, and then with cotton tail feather head will launch tube, and then use machine to plunge into the pipe mouth, mouth to pipe molding, feather is fixed in the tube in the mouth. 4. Wool production ( Sieve and MAO MAO) Feather mouth tube fixed after molding, using special sieve sieve back and forth MAO MAO, dropped the easy to screen out MAO, each screen back and forth a few times on the tape sticking your hair fall out. Liquid cosmetics brush must be synthetic fibers, because artificial fiber grasping force of liquid, paste is the best. Artificial fiber brush besides dab liquid, cream cosmetics, can also dab of powder cosmetics, such as mineral powder, diamond powder, cheek is red powder, etc. , but on the catch ability of powder and animal hair compared to many poor,
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