Guangzhou makeup brush set - price MHLAN toiletries

by:MHLAN     2020-10-02
A makeup artist, buy expensive, of course, is better, you have your advantages, make up brush set to make your lip color difference more important is to use a more nimble and lip brush besmear lipstick color will be more evenly, careful. Powder brush brush brush main purpose lies in the foundation foundation, it is because of pink brush has typed foundation will more deeply. Whether to use finger or powder puff, hard to avoid contamination on the fingers, the fluid foundation and this is part of the main reasons for the change with liquid foundation brush eye shadow brush can make eyeliner and eye, eye shadow brush eyebrow eye shadow to fully mix, the following parts of the general high-grade animal wool is very expensive. And human hair fiber is much cheaper, for the novice makeup in the expensive and not in his thoughts, if is a novice to buy makeup brush, small make up recommend buying cheap or medium makeup brush, after using skilled can buy your makeup brush. Animal hair brushes advantage: wool advantage is: the most common material, shading is good, used to highlights and shadows on the makeup, build a three-dimensional facial features. A makeup brush set, make up brush handle production of 1. Makeup brush handle material makeup brush handle will generally choose acrylic materials, aluminum and wood, etc. , cosmetic brush wooden handle material commonly used birch, blood wingceltis have chosen ebony, Zambia a dense wood (a Choose this kind of wood does not generally do paint processing, can do surface polishing, keep the sandalwood incense, do less) 。 To meet the public demand, xiang li use makeup brush is birch and acrylic material for the handle. On the bridge of the nose white highlights powder can make the bridge of the nose appear even more solid. Chin sweep highlights powder can balance the whole face center of gravity, highlight stereo feeling of the whole. Make up more than paint brush head is sector, thick flat design is mainly used to sweep off the excessive opaque after calm makeup without affecting the facial makeup. Equilibrium demitint makeup brush this brush hair grow longer and slightly spread shaped, brush is made of high quality brushes in a certain hardness is required to achieve better makeup effect, make up brush set to pour board tent card inside the box machine, vertical downward soak. Wooden paint again soak finished, will remove the air drying, paint smell will fade, then coloured lacquer on 7 - over and over again 8 times, to complete the process. 5. Makeup handle above lacquer ( Paint - soak Transparent paint) Finally a coloured lacquer dry, began on transparent paint, transparent paint 2 - at the meeting Three times, the machine working procedure such as consistent with coloured lacquer painting. Second, makeup brush wool production will be made of natural and artificial MAO MAO mix and match. Brushes little knowledge of choose and buy: 1, the bristles to feel soft and smooth, tight structure. 2, fingers grip the brush, comb gently downwards, check whether the bristles fall off easily. 3, will brush gently on the back of hand, draw a semicircle, check whether the bristles clipping in order. 4, with hot air blowing the bristles to distinguish species: stay for animals,
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