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How do I choose a foundation brush?

How do I choose a foundation brush?


Use when brushing foundation, the foundation makeup will more bright, the base will not be heavy.

Use for : when applying base makeup

Function:No dirty hands, save foundation, good makeup effect

Face Foundation brush advantage:

1) Not dirty hands: this is the main reason why some people change to liquid foundation brush. Whether you're using your fingers or a powder puff, it's hard to avoid getting lotion on your fingers, but you don't have to worry about it with a foundation brush.

2) Save foundation: it itself will not absorb foundation, when the face is brushed to the outer edge of the skin with good skin quality, the rest of the foundation brush can just thin cover the skin, makeup effect from thick to thin, soft transition. For a more frugal foundation, spray the brush with water (wet but not dripping) before dipping, so the brush absorbs less extra foundation.

3) Good makeup: Once you've got your hands dirty with a liquid foundation brush, there's little to criticize about its makeup: thin, even, and watery.

The face foundation brush type:
The type of foundation brush can be roughly divided into four types: flat head, flat top head, round head, oblique head, in addition to the fine differentiation of the oblique flat head, oblique round head, irregular brush and so on. For beginners, the flat top brush is the most appropriate foundation brush.

Method of use:
1) Eyes: Eyemazing part, gently brush from the inner corner of the lower eyelid outward
2) For the lower eyelid, look up the eyeball, and gently brush the top of the brush head from the eye head to the end of the eye near the lower eyelashes
3) For the upper eyelid, the eyeball is looking down, and the brush head is gently brushed from the head to the end of the eye
4) For the orbital part, the eyes are slightly closed, and the brush is gently brushed from top to bottom along the texture from the inner corner of the eye.
5) Nose part: put the brush head flat to the root of the nose, at a 45 degree Angle with the cheek, and brush lightly from the bridge of the nose to both sides, and use the brush tip to brush lightly at the intersection of the nose and cheek to strengthen the focus.
6) Lip base: spread a little foundation on the lips. The lips are slightly open and slightly pout. The horizontal face of the foundation brush is at a 45 degree Angle with the lips, and gently brush back and forth until uniform.
7) Corners of the mouth: The lips are slightly open. Brush the corners of the mouth from top to bottom from the top of the foundation brush.

Main materials:
Face foundation brush is usually to use synthetic fiber hair, because foundation is mostly moisture and oil, so the requirement makeup brush is resistant to moisture and oil, still can withstand cleaning, and synthetic hair are more durable.

Matters needing attention:
Because the foundation brush is tighter and finer, the touch is slightly harder, do not use too hard to avoid skin sensitivity.

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