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How to choose and maintenance lip brush?

How to choose and maintenance lip brush?


A lip brush allows you to adjust the shade of your lips and create delicate lip corners and edges. How do we use a lip brush?

The use of a lip brush
When applying lipstick, always start with your lower lip. Inside the painted lip line, from the inside out a little bit of evenly spread. After the lower lip is painted, apply the upper lip in the same way.
Apply lip gloss with a lip brush, do not be too strong, do not let the bristles bend too much, so as not to fall off and break.
TIPS: When using different colors of lipstick, carefully rub the brush with a paper towel dipped in a lip cleansing cream, and finish with a paper towel dipped in water.


Lip brush maintenance
The lip brush does not need to be cleaned frequently, otherwise it will make the bristles lose elasticity. After each use, wipe the residual lipstick on the face paper. Use a paper towel to clean your lip brush, but because the bristles come off easily, be gentle when cleaning.

STEP1: Pour makeup remover or brush cleaning solution into the honey powder cover, about a thin layer of complete coverage, let the bristles dipped in adsorption, slightly dissolve the attached makeup.
STEP2: Pour the natural shampoo into a basin and mix it to foam, and then mix the bristles in the bubble water.
STEP3: Hold the bristles in the palm of your hand, and use the repeated grasp and release technique to completely clean up the dirt and makeup left in the bristles.
STEP4: Again at the end of the brush, which is also the most common contact with cosmetics, carefully clean again.
STEP5: Finally, rinse the brush with plenty of water, and use a clean birdbath to completely clean the residual detergent in the bristles.
STEP6: If the brush becomes too astringent because of the use of detergent, you can use a small amount of hair conditioner to slightly straighten out the hair tail. Also wash with plenty of water.
STEP7: Take a few paper towels or a towel with good water absorption, cover the bristles and press several times, so that the moisture is sucked up as far as possible, then put it flat in a ventilated place to dry.


TIPS: daily maintenance method
Brush: Most need to be stained with color brush, usually after each use, just use face paper to brush the brush back and forth on the surface, brush no longer appear color can be.


The choice of lip brush
A good lip brush can help you create more shaped lips. When choosing a lip brush, choose from the bristles. Press the tip of the bristles with both fingers. If the bristles are full and elastic, it is a good lip brush.

Tips for Buying:
1. The bristles should feel soft and smooth, and the structure should be firm and full
2. Hold the bristles between your fingers and gently comb them down to check if the bristles have fallen off
3. Gently press the brush on the back of your hand, draw a semi-circular shape, and check that the bristles are neatly cut
4. Blow the bristles with hot air to distinguish the type: keep the original state for animal hair, hair curl is artificial fiber


Classification of lip brushes
Commonly used lip brushes are mink, nylon and horse hair lip brush.
1. Mink lip brush: Excellent cohesion, elasticity and durability, delicate and elastic hair peak, used for applying lipstick, high accuracy, line proof, can describe delicate lip shape, widely used in teaching and professional makeup.
2. Nylon lip brush: made of senior synthetic fiber, small bristles, high cohesion, flat bristles and long, easy to master, high accuracy when applying lipstick, smooth lines, can describe a more delicate lip shape. The disadvantage is that after using for a long time, the tip will appear curly. Can be used for teaching and professional makeup.
3, horsehair lip brush: made of natural horsehair, soft and delicate, good cohesion, but poor elasticity.


Lip brush use tips
Makeup partner: lipstick, lip gloss. Use a lip brush to give your lips an even color and better shape.
Use tips: Apply lip gloss with a lip brush, the strength is not too large, do not let the bristles bend too much, so as not to fall off and break.
Cleaning tip: Use a paper towel to clean your lip brush, but because the bristles come off easily, be gentle when cleaning.
Maintenance method: Maintaining the bristles is the key, so every time after use, wipe the lipstick with a tissue, straighten out the bristles, and then cover the lid.
Caution: When using different colors of lipstick, carefully wipe your lips with a lip cleanser on a paper towel, then wipe them again with a paper towel dampened with water.

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