Illustration of the usage of 12 makeup brushes

by:MHLAN     2020-06-21
Illustration of the usage of 12 makeup brushes. 12 makeup brushes belong to the makeup brush set series. Generally, the 12 makeup brush sets include: loose powder brush, foundation brush, trimming brush, blush brush, highlight brush, nose shadow brush, concealer brush , Eye shadow brush, blooming brush, end of eye brush, lip brush, eyebrow powder brush. The purpose of each brush is not fixed. Can be used according to their own needs. Let's take a look at the usage of makeup brush.    1. What makeup brushes do novices need   01, loose paint    One of the largest brush heads, dipped in makeup products and applied to the face evenly in a circular or massage style.   02, foundation brush    Round or flat brush head, apply the base makeup products on the face, and use the foundation brush to spread evenly.   03、Brush repair brush   The brush head is at an oblique angle, and it is very convenient to repair the face. Dip and take the powder to repair the makeup, and evenly apply it under the cheekbones and cheeks.   04、Blush brush    The brush head is round, creating a cute apple muscle, dipped in a powdery blush product, and evenly applied on both cheeks   05、High gloss brush   Used for local brightening, dipped in high-gloss powder and applied to T-zone and cheekbones.   06, nose shadow brush    Used to outline the three-dimensional nose bridge, dipped in shadow powder, and brushed on the roots and sides of the nose.   07、Concealer brush    The brush head is very thin, and at the same time to repair small flaws, dip the concealer and apply it to the concealer.   08、Basic eyeshadow brush    The largest one in the eyeshadow brush is used to make eyeshadow primer. Dip the eyeshadow primer and apply it evenly to the eyelids.   09、Blushing brush    Round-headed eyeshadow brush will make eye makeup more natural. Dip dark eyeshadow and smudge in the eye socket.    10. Eye brush    pointy eye-end brush, used to delicately depict the end of the eye, dipped in the darkest eyeshadow, dotted at the end of the eye.    11. Eyebrow powder brush    Dip the eyebrow powder, outline the eyebrow shape and fill    12, lip brush    A little harder brush head, used to fill the lip color, dipped in lipstick, outlined after filling the lip shape.    Second, how do novices choose makeup brushes    1. It is not recommended to buy a single makeup brush together, it is best to buy a complete set to make makeup techniques more comprehensive and systematic.    2. Makeup brushes are mainly divided into animal bristles and man-made fiber bristles. It is not recommended for novices to buy animal bristles.   Makeup brushes are too environmentally friendly for beginners to practice with consumables. Artificial bristles are now well done. The bristles are soft and powdery, and novices can quickly apply makeup.    3. Maintenance of makeup brush    Make-up brushes must be cleaned frequently, not only to make the makeup face cleaner but also to prevent acne. the cleaning method:    Generally, just wash with warm water. Wash your fingers or cleaning tools gently in the same direction. Flush until the water is clean and then OK. After washing, the paper towels absorb moisture and hang upside down to dry.
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