Innovation is supreme, the leftover is king, Runzhisu

by:MHLAN     2020-09-28

At the meeting, Mr. Chen Zhanxiong, director of Liby Group and general manager of Shanghai Xin Gaozi, gave an opening speech. Starting from consumer demand, he made a detailed analysis of Runzhisu’s brand positioning and category planning. He said that Runzhisu will comprehensively upgrade its mobile marketing strategy, communication plan, and personnel structure, with 'profit efficient guarantee, service mobile sales first 'For the purpose of opening the era of Runzhisu 1.5! He pointed out that the era in the future will be an era where the 'leftover is king'. Only by following the right brand, following the right team, acting decisively, and persisting in execution, can we beat the times.


New retail, new generation, new consumption!

Runzhisu keeps pace with the times and keeps innovating!

Gao Zi Deputy General Manager and Brand Center Director Yang Chuan

Mr. Yang Chuan, deputy general manager and brand center director of Shanghai Xin Gaozi, gave a speech on the theme of market layout and brand upgrade. Runzhisu adheres to the concept of 'green and healthy every family', based on the field of personal cleansing care, to bring consumers cost-effective products, but also to bring new business opportunities and vitality to the channel!

In the future, Runzhisu will continue to develop products with first-class quality, wide distribution channels and large market shares to meet the basic consumer demands of Chinese families. At the same time, it will also help dealers achieve the goal of high operating profit and rapid scale growth, and empower dealers with new business opportunities and development space.


Challenges and opportunities coexist

First in dynamic sales, win-win for manufacturers

Gao Jixiang, Director of Channel Development Department, Gaozi

Mr. Gao Jixiang, Director of Channel Development Department of Shanghai Xingaozi, reviewed the development history of Runzhisu with everyone. The high-speed growth has doubled its performance year after year, and the product layout has been continuously improved and upgraded. The distributors are encouraged to seize the opportunity to work together to create a better Runzhisu A beautiful tomorrow.

The new 'Runzhisu' is more in line with consumer needs, more eye-catching, and more conducive to natural sales. Runzhisu will continue to provide distributors with first-class product development, first-class channel layout, first-class brand promotion, first-class operation planning, and join hands with distributor partners to achieve a win-win road for manufacturers.
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