Introduction of antibacterial makeup brush set

by:MHLAN     2020-09-29
An antibacterial makeup brush set includes a makeup brush and a makeup bag for holding the makeup brush. The makeup brush includes a brush head. The brush head is composed of bristles. The bristles are bamboo charcoal antibacterial rayon bristles; The antibacterial cloth of the brush head is made of bamboo charcoal cotton and bamboo charcoal cloth. In the utility model, the bristles constituting the brush head are made of bamboo charcoal antibacterial rayon. The bristles are made by adding bamboo charcoal powder to the PBT raw materials and mixing uniformly and then drawing the bamboo charcoal antibacterial rayon. The rayon has antibacterial properties. . An antibacterial cloth is set in the cosmetic bag. The antibacterial cloth is a fabric made of bamboo charcoal cotton and bamboo charcoal cloth. The antibacterial cloth has an antibacterial effect and can block and resist and isolate external bacteria from direct contact with the cosmetic brush inside the bag. The antibacterial cloth in the cosmetic bag has the function of resisting and isolating bacteria, and the brush head has antibacterial properties. The utility model solves the problem that the brush head is easily contaminated by bacteria.
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