Introduction of makeup brush bristles of makeup brush manufacturers (1)

by:MHLAN     2021-09-30
In the daily life of our women, the makeup brush should be a more common makeup tool. Having a set of makeup brushes that suits you can make you do more with less. Today, our Hongdian makeup brush manufacturer will introduce the characteristics of makeup brush bristles. Generally speaking, the bristles of makeup brushes are divided into animal hair and artificial hair. Animal hair is more expensive than artificial hair, but it does not mean that animal hair is better than artificial hair. Animal hair and artificial hair have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, when applying wet powder or cream cosmetics, it is best to use artificial wool. This kind of wet powder uses animal hair, which is easy to break. Therefore, fiber hair is best for this kind of cosmetics. There are many types of animal hair, and different animal hairs have some differences. The more common ones on the market are wool, horse hair, squirrel hair, yellow wolf tail hair and so on. Wool is a relatively common makeup bristles. It has a soft and durable texture, a strong ability to grasp powder, and a better makeup effect. Astigmatism powder brush, blush brush, contouring brush, eye shadow brush, etc. can all use wool. Squirrel hair is the softest and smoothest animal hair, and the hair quality is very comfortable, but the ability to grasp powder is not as good as wool, and it has no elasticity. It is generally used as a blush brush and a contouring brush. Yellow wolf tail hair is the most expensive animal hair. But it is soft and elastic, very durable, and has good effects on color picking and oil resistance. Can be used as loose powder brushes, contouring brushes, lip brushes, eyeliner brushes, concealer brushes, etc. However, due to the high price, small brushes such as lip brush, eyeliner brush, concealer brush, etc. Horse hair are as soft as a yellow wolf tail, but not as elastic as a yellow wolf tail. Horse hair is brownish, yellow wolf tail hair is yellowish.
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