Introduction of makeup brushes from makeup brush manufacturers (2)

by:MHLAN     2021-09-30
Today, our makeup brush manufacturer will introduce you all kinds of makeup brushes. The first is the foundation brush. The foundation brush is an indispensable brush in makeup. You may think it is the most expensive one among the many brushes. In fact, it is not, because most of the foundation brushes are liquid, so the bristles are generally nylon, and the price is much lower than we thought. Secondly, foundation brushes are also divided into flat head, oblique head, round head and flat head. Flat-head foundation brush, the bristles are distinct and soft, this kind of shape foundation brush is very suitable for the way of poking makeup, it can cover the pores, and it is not easy to leave brush marks. But this kind of brush head is relatively small, and it is a waste of time when putting on makeup. The oblique foundation brush makes it more convenient to apply makeup on the corners of the nose, corners of the eyes, etc. The round-head foundation brush has obvious advantages. The brush head is large and the makeup is fast, which is very convenient, but the makeup is not delicate enough. The flat-head foundation brush has the softest bristles and performs better in concealing. If there are more acne marks and spots on the skin, this foundation brush is better. But it is easy to leave brush marks. Then came loose paint. When some mushrooms are used to cool loose powder, they like to use the sponge with loose powder directly. Although this is convenient, it is still inferior to the effect of loose paint. The makeup on the loose powder brush has a silky texture, and the makeup is more clean and lasting. Blush Brush A good blush brush is very important for handicapped parties. A good blush brush is made of squirrel hair, which is soft and skin-friendly, but the price is very expensive. Eyebrow brush The eyebrow brush is mainly used for applying eyebrow powder or blending eyebrow pencils, and a brush with strong blending power is required. Eyeshadow brushes Eyeshadow brushes have high requirements for powder. Generally, wool, squirrel hair and horse hair are used as bristles. Generally use at least 2 eyeshadow brushes. A large eyeshadow brush is used for highlighting the eyes, and a small brush is used for darker eyeshadows. Lip brush Many lipsticks and lipsticks are usually applied directly, and lip brushes are rarely used. This is not only easy to breed bacteria, but also can not outline the perfect lip shape. When you apply lipstick directly, it is easy to apply unevenly and the edges are not applied well. A lip brush can help everyone solve this trouble.
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