Introduction to the appearance of a retractable

by:MHLAN     2020-09-29
The utility model discloses a retractable makeup brush, which solves the phenomenon that the brush tube of the retractable makeup brush in the prior art is easy to rotate when it is retracted. The main point of the technical solution is to include a brush rod, bristles and a brush tube. One end of the bristles is fixed In the brush rod, the brush tube wraps the bristles and expands and contracts in the brush rod. The inner wall of the brush rod is provided with guide protrusions that extend along the axis of the brush rod. The outer wall of the brush tube is provided with guide protrusions along the axis of the brush tube. The matching guide chute, the guide protrusion is embedded in the guide chute, and the guide protrusion and the guide chute cooperate with each other to guide the expansion and contraction of the brush tube, so as to ensure that the brush tube can only telescopically move. The condition of rotation avoids the phenomenon that the rotation of the brush tube drives the rotation of the bristles and damages the bristles.
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