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Introduction to the brush with grooves of the makeup brush set and the makeup device including this brush

by:MHLAN     2021-09-18
Today, our makeup brush set will introduce you a brush with grooves. In addition to the structure described above, the present invention includes many other features. The following will be discussed more clearly based on the illustrated embodiment. The embodiment is described in accordance with the attached drawings, but the present invention is not limited to this. Figure 1A This is a perspective view of a brush of the present invention, with an open slot; Figure 1B is a side view of the same brush; Figures 2 and 3 are perspective views of two modified embodiments of the brush of the present invention; Figures 4 and 5 are the present invention Side views of two variants of brushes, which are views taken along the central axis of these brushes; Figures 6, 7 and 8 are perspective views of variants of the brushes of the present invention, which have different envelope surfaces; Figure 9 is the first of the present invention A cross-sectional view of the eye makeup device of the second aspect; Figure 10 is a perspective view of a modification of the brush of the present invention, which has a cylindrical section and a conical section; Figure 11 shows a modification of the brush of the present invention, which has a first region without notches Segment and notched second segment. Figure 1 shows a brush 101 for applying cosmetics, especially mascara to the eyelashes. The brush includes an elongated core 102 (although it is inside the brush, it is still drawn in the figure), and the core is formed by a wire 103 The two branch wires are formed by spiral winding. Before the branch wires are turned, the wire is folded into a U shape. The core 102 is fixed by fixing a rod t at the end. The bristles 104 are arranged radially between the branches of the wire 103. The branch line of the wire 103 is twisted, and the bristles are clamped and held between the spiral bends of the core 102. As shown in the figure, the axis of the core 102 coincides with the axis 1-1 of the envelope surface 101 of the brush, but this The two axes can be offset. The bristles 104 can be made of natural or artificial and any fleece polyfiber; the brush 101 can include a mixture of bristles of different types (different diameters, different cross-sections). The envelope surface 101 of the brush is a truncated cone, which has a central axis 1-1 coincident with the axis of the mandrel 102, and two end points constituting the brush plane; the head 105 in front of the brush and the plane at the back of the brush Bottom 105. The brush has a groove 106 with two intersecting surfaces extending from one end of the brush to the other end of the notch 106 and the notch back 1062. The surface 106 is straight and forms an emission angle a relative to the surface of the brush envelope, which is constantly located over the full length of the brush. Between the two surfaces 106 and 106.2, a concave angle B-120 degrees is formed, and the concave angle remains constant from one end to the other end of the brush.
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