Introduction to the retractable structure of makeup brush components of makeup brush manufacturers

by:MHLAN     2021-09-28
After using the makeup brush assembly, when the user wants to retract the bristles 22 into the main barrel 10, the user presses the button 82 in FIG. So that the insertion unit 40 connected to the button 82 moves axially toward the direction of the main barrel 10. In this case, the insertion unit 40 pushes the rotary slider 70 in the direction of the main cylinder 10, thereby placing the locking protrusion 72 in the capacity hole 51 of the conveying cylinder 50, and the slider 70 is restored by the first spring 30. The action of the force is elastically suppressed in the direction away from the main cylinder 10. In this case, the locking protrusions 72 of the rotating slider 70 blocked by the stopper 58 are respectively moved to the bottom ends of the serrated portion 42 so that the rotating slider 70 rotates at a predetermined angle. Due to the rotation of the rotary slider 70, the locking protrusion 72 is moved to a position linearly aligned with the open end of the guide groove 54. Therefore, when the user's thumb is removed from the button 82, the button 82 and the insertion unit 40 are elastically returned to their original positions by the restoring force of the second spring 60, and the slider 70 is rotated under the guidance of the guide groove 54 Also return to its original position, as shown in Figure 6. Of course, as described above, when the rotary slider 70 moves to its original position in the direction away from the main cylinder 10, the brush unit 20 is moved in the same direction as the nozzle by the restoring force of the first spring 30, so that the bristles 22 of the brush unit 20 Retracted to the front end of the main tube 1O. In addition, the retracted position of the bristles 22 is maintained until the retracted rotary slider 70 is pushed toward the main barrel 10 again. As described above, the present invention provides a cosmetic brush assembly. When a button installed at the back of the brush assembly is pressed by the user, the bristles of the brush unit protrude from the front end of the brush assembly, thereby allowing the user to use this makeup brush to apply makeup on his/her face. After using up the raised bristles, when the user presses the button again in the same direction, the bristles retract to the front end of the brush assembly. This makeup brush assembly is therefore very convenient for the user and protects the bristles from possible damage, thus prolonging the life expectancy of the bristles. Although the preferred embodiments of the present invention have been described in detail for illustrative purposes, those skilled in the art can make various modifications and changes without departing from the scope and essence disclosed in the appended claims. Supplements and equivalent substitutions are possible.
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