Introduction to the structure of the brush for applying makeup and the makeup device containing the brush

by:MHLAN     2021-08-13
Today, our makeup brush source manufacturer will introduce you a brush for applying makeup and the structure of the makeup device containing the brush. 16. The brush of claim 15, wherein the envelope surface of the brush has an elongated cross-section that is at least 50% above its length. 17. The brush of claim 16, wherein the envelope surface of the brush has an elongated cross-section that is at least 75% above its length. 18. The brush according to claim 17, characterized in that the cross-section of the envelope surface (125) at the end (127.a, 127.b) of the envelope surface (125) The shape is a circle and a solitary. 19. The brush of claim 18, wherein the shape of the curve (C1, c2) is substantially circular. 20. The brush according to any one of claims 12 and 19, characterized in that each of the ends (128.a, 128.b, 228.a, 228) of the core (122; 222) .b) Align with the main axis (xx). 21. The method of manufacturing a brush according to claim 1, wherein the method comprises the following steps; (1) manufacturing a green brush, the green brush comprising a straight rod (101; 201) , The rod (101; 201) determines a king axis (xx): a flexible core (102; 202), the flexible core (102; 202) determines the length of the brush The part (102; 202) includes a first end and a second end, the first end is fixed on the rod (101, 201), and the core (102; 202) is linear And align with the rod, radially insert bristles (104; 204) in the core (102; 202), and the ends of the bristles (104; 204) determine the primary brush Enveloping surface (105; 205); (2) Trim the bristles of the green brush so that the enveloping surface (115; 215) of the brush has an axis (zz) at the maximum length over at least the length of the brush (115.c:215.c); (iii) twist the core on a plane perpendicular to the maximum length of the straight line Dongguan MHLAN makeup tool co.,ltd is a company that offers a wide selection of . OEM and ODM services are also available to users. To know more, go to MHLAN.
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