Invention of a device for applying cosmetics, especially lips, for packaging boxes

by:MHLAN     2021-08-19
The invention relates to a device for packaging and applying cosmetics. The device includes a container for storing the cosmetics, an applicator having a rod body with one end of the applicator matched with the applicator, and the applicator An wiping member used to wipe and squeeze the brush member when it is withdrawn from the container. Several packaging and painting devices of this type are currently known. In order to make the application of cosmetics easier, some applicators have an applicator that forms an angle with the axis of the rod. Therefore, US Patent No. 4,165,755 provides a packaging and application device for mascara, in which the applicator body has a hinged part at its distal end, and the applicator is fixed There. In use, the applicator is partially withdrawn from the container until the hinged part of the rod body has exposed the neck of the container. Then, when the squeegee is still engaged with the neck, the tilting rod body tilts the squeegee and positions the squeegee in the desired configuration. The manufacture of such applicators is relatively complicated. Also known is a curvilinear applicator for applying mascara to eyelashes. It has been observed that such applicators are not always rubbed in a satisfactory manner and it is sometimes thought that an excessive amount of cosmetics remains in the recessed side of the applicator. Finally, there is a need for an applicator that makes it possible to determine the brightness of different applied cosmetics according to different desired results, especially for applying cosmetics on the lips. The present invention provides a novel packaging and painting device. The structure of the device is relatively simple, conforms to ergonomics, and makes it possible to succinctly apply cosmetics. The packaging and painting device of the present invention includes a container for storing the substance used, an applicator with a rod body capable of providing one end to be combined with the applicator, and used when the applicator is withdrawn from the container The wiping and squeezing piece between the wiping and squeezing rod and the brushing member is actually characterized in that an included angle is formed between the brushing member and the stalk, and the brushing member has an elastically deformable body that can be elastically deformed and/ Or the core body, the elastically deformable body and/or the core body can be elastically deformed through the squeezing member when the applicator is drawn out. When the squeezing member passes through the squeezing member, the deformation of the wiping member is substantially less than that of the brushing Deformation of pieces.
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