Knowledge points about the use of makeup brushes

by:MHLAN     2020-06-25
   Make-up brushes use knowledge points. If you don’t understand, it will be announced by Yaxiangli manufacturers.    1. When using the eyeliner brush to draw the eyeliner, place the mirror below the level of the eye, look down and draw the eyeliner. Because the eyeliner covering the eyeliner is not easy to form at one time, at this time, the eyeliner is little by little rubbed at the root of the eyelashes. 2. Foundation brush Use the foundation brush to apply liquid foundation, the makeup will be more textured and can hide pores well, but the concealer effect is not very good, then you can use the foundation brush and puff in combination, for cheeks with more flaws Liquid foundation on the puff can cover flaws well. Don't want to leave brush marks, follow the skin texture and the growth of the hairs when applying, and finally bend the brush at a 15-degree angle and apply it again without leaving marks.    3. Blush brush There are two methods for the blusher: front blush and side blush. The front blush is to paint the blush on the smiling muscles, and the side blush is brushed from the sides of the cheekbones to the center of the cheekbones to deepen the side contours and create a sense of elegance, so it is more suitable for mature women. Beginners of make-up can use light-colored blush to brush out the large surface, and then repair the excessively heavy parts, but when correcting, be sure to control the force and do not damage the base makeup.    Fourth, bevel angle trimming brush trimming generally starts from the front corner of the eye, through the bridge of the nose to the sides of the nose, and then repeatedly apply a few times on the nose. When modifying the collapsed nose, one cannot blindly draw shadows on both sides of the nose bridge, which not only does not improve the nose bridge, but also makes the makeup unnatural. Shaping must be based on the round face, the face with a wide face and a small nose, and the T-shaped part should be brightened to increase the facial stereoscopic effect. If you feel that the long nose is too long, draw a shadow on the side of the nose to achieve the visual effect of shortening the nose. If you apply makeup powder to the front corner of your eyes, your eyes will be deeper.
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