Major reforms: the approval of the first imported

by:MHLAN     2020-09-29
The 'Notice' clarified the key content of the reform.

One is to clarify the reform method. Among the enterprise-related administrative examination and approval items included in the first batch of 'separation of licenses and licenses' reform, the approval was cancelled for two items including the qualification of private entry-exit intermediary agencies, and market entities can carry out relevant business activities after they apply for business licenses; change to filing There is 1 administrative license for the first import of non-special use cosmetics, and relevant business activities can be carried out after the market entity submits the filing materials; 19 items including the approval of the establishment of film screening units are implemented, and the relevant departments promise to the applicant to meet the approval conditions If relevant materials are submitted, the approval will be processed on the spot; more than 80 items (including cosmetics production licenses), such as business licenses for foreign-invested travel agencies, are optimized for access services. In response to the pain points and difficulties of market participants, the review and approval materials will be streamlined and the efficiency of registration and approval will be improved. .

The second is to coordinate the reforms of 'separation of licenses and licenses' and 'integration of multiple certificates'. Effectively distinguish the functions of 'certificate' and 'license' so that more market entities can operate with a license, and strive to solve the problem of 'no access to business', and truly realize market entities 'one license and one code'.

The third is to strengthen supervision during and after the event. Accelerate the establishment of a new regulatory system based on information collection and sharing, information disclosure as a means, and credit supervision as the core. Implement the principle of “who approves, who supervises, who is in charge, who supervises” to avoid a regulatory vacuum. Construct a nationally unified 'double random' random inspection working mechanism and system specifications, and explore the establishment of supervision and performance standards.

The fourth is to accelerate the promotion of information collection and sharing. Further improve the national and provincial credit information sharing platforms and the national enterprise credit information publicity system, and realize the collection and sharing of basic information of market entities, relevant credit information, and illegal information and business collaboration on a larger scale and at a deeper level.

The 'Notice' requires that the people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government should strengthen overall planning, layer their responsibilities, and ensure that the reform of 'separation of licenses and licenses' is actively and steadily promoted. All regions and departments should combine their actual conditions, refine reform measures and supervision measures during and after the event for specific reform issues, and submit specific measures for record and make them public before November 10, 2018.
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