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by:MHLAN     2020-09-29
Makeup brushes are popular science, a must-see for novices! There are few brushes, you dare to say that you can make up? Makeup brushes are the basic tools of makeup artists. Can you have makeup made by makeup artists. It is definitely not made by hand, of course, it is indispensable Our best assist makeup brush. Anyone who likes makeup should know Pony! The following editor will introduce you to the knowledge of makeup brushes.

Speaking of makeup, I have to mention Pony, the great makeup god who has been popular in the beauty industry. On the 'face changing' skill, I am afraid that Monkey King's 72 changes will also lose to Pony. Pony God can create imitation makeup with such a high degree of reduction. In addition to its own make-up technology, it is also inseparable from the blessing of various beauty tools. As the most practical beauty tool, makeup brush is essential for a perfect makeup!

For girls who are new to makeup, a more daunting question than 'How to use makeup brushes' is 'How to choose makeup brushes?'

There are too many types of makeup brushes! They are comparable to the periodic table of chemical elements~ and 'finding a makeup brush that suits you' has become a gorgeous dividing line between makeup Xiaobai and beauty god.

Speaking of the types of makeup brushes, let’s take a photo of the “makeup brush family”. Little fairies can use this picture to get a preliminary understanding of various brush shapes. You don’t need to buy all the brush shapes in Qitu (of course, the local tyrants, please feel free). After all, in addition to professional makeup artists and senior beauty giants, There are not so many makeup brushes in daily life.

For entry-level make-up fairies, it is not recommended to start a makeup brush set and try to buy one by one. Because, there are usually a few thick lines in a set of brushes. For novices in makeup, they don't know how to use each brush when they get it. Over time, they have to sit idle and accumulate dust.

Generally speaking, the bristles of makeup brushes can be divided into natural bristles and man-made fiber bristles.

Natural bristles:

It is essentially animal hair. It is the hair collected when the animal is naturally shed.


The bristles are super soft and have a good makeup experience. Because animal hair has its own pores, it is easier to grasp powder and can apply makeup more evenly. It is most suitable for use with powder products, such as eye shadow powder, loose powder, blusher, etc. It can blend powdery products better and blend the makeup together.


Because it is natural hair, the bristles are easier to fall off after a long time, so the life is shorter. People who are allergic to animal hair cannot use it. Prices are generally more expensive. There are high requirements for brush cleaners, and more maintenance work should be done later.

Artificial bristles:

It is usually made of man-made materials (such as polyester fiber and nylon nylon).


The price is cheap, and a good artificial hair brush will be very cost-effective. People who are allergic to animal hair can also use it. Because it does not have pores and does not absorb too much product, it is most suitable for use with liquid and cream products, such as liquid foundation, concealer, lipstick, etc. The service life is longer, the bristles are not easy to fall off, it is easier to clean, and the later maintenance work is relatively less.

The service life is longer, the bristles are not easy to fall off, it is easier to clean, and the later maintenance work is relatively less.


Because the bristles are not as soft as natural bristles, you may feel a little bit sticking to the skin when using it. The effect of powdered products is not as good as natural brushes. The blooming effect is not very brilliant in comparison.

According to the preciousness of the bristles:

Mink (Yellow Wolf): Soft and moderate in texture, suitable for eye shadow.

Squirrel hair (including squirrel hair): the softest and most comfortable texture, it is mostly used for powder brushes and blush brushes.

Horse hair: The texture is harder than goat hair, and is mostly used as an eye shadow brush.

Pig bristles: The hardest texture, mostly used as eyebrow powder.

Goat wool: The most commonly used bristles are soft and durable. Among them, white tip wool and Zhongguangfeng wool are the best wool brushes; they are widely used in various brushes.

? A small misunderstanding that little fairies often appear when buying makeup brushes is that natural hair brushes must be better than artificial hair brushes.

In fact, this is not exactly the case. You still have to choose according to the type of brush. For foundation brushes and eyebrow brushes, you can choose artificial hair. The advantage of artificial hair is that it is easy to take care of. Of course, the price is very conscientious.

In short, each has its own advantages, so you can choose according to the actual situation~

Speaking of how to choose a makeup brush that suits you, it is inevitable to emphasize it again. Don't buy a set of makeup brushes blindly and impulsively!

Many of the makeup brushes can be used for 'one brush for multiple purposes'. For example, the blush brush can be used for blushing or shadow trimming. For example, some eye brushes can also be used for brow bones and nose highlight brushes. In short, many brushes can be flexibly adjusted according to personal needs, not necessarily a carrot or a pit.

Here I have summarized years of experience in buying and using makeup brushes, and compiled a few types of makeup brushes that novices must enter. 'How to choose a makeup brush?' 'How to use?', look down carefully and give you all the answers.

Foundation Brush

There are more than 100 ways to apply makeup products on the face, such as makeup brushes, air cushion puffs, makeup eggs, and our hands...but it is more hygienic to apply makeup with a makeup brush, and more importantly, use a brush The finished base makeup will have better coverage.

There are 4 basic brush shapes for foundation brushes on the market, which are flat, round, tongue, and toothbrush shapes. These types of bristles are generally dense artificial bristles, because they can better grasp powder and the bristles will be more elastic.

Among these 4 basic brush shapes, the flat-head brush and the toothbrush-shaped foundation brush are more suitable for the novice girl. The way to make a circle and push it evenly from the inside out is ok, foolish usage, and the makeup speed is swishy~ and Snake-shaped brushes are more likely to have brush marks, and for novices, it is easy to step on thunder.

Loose powder brush and blush brush

The loose powder brush and blush brush fully embodies the function of 'one brush, multiple uses', and it saves a lot of money unknowingly. It is really good at living. It is easy to choose loose powder brush and fried chicken. Just follow the three words 'big, soft' 'Peng' to choose, it must not be wrong.

Generally, loose powder brushes choose more round-headed brushes with fluffy bristles, while blush brushes are more popular. Of course, there are also fried chicken Q cute shapes, such as love-shaped blush brushes, which can be used all over the world. Turns pink.

Eye shadow brush

The success or failure of a perfect makeup depends on the eye makeup. The details of the eyes have become the top priority of the entire makeup. For novices, the eye shadow brush only seeks for refinement and not more.

For the eyeshadow brush part, you must get three basic eye brushes, namely the spreading brush, the detail brush and the smudge brush.

Color spreading brushes generally have a relatively flat brush head. The flat brush head is convenient for spreading color on a large area on the eyelid, while the detail brush head is relatively small. It usually paints on the details of the eye and the end of the eye. It is a smaller flame shape, and the bristles are usually longer and soft, which helps to blend the eye shadow and help the eye shadow to be excessively more natural.

Repair brush

Contour brushes are mainly divided into facial contour brushes and nose shadow brushes. Generally, facial contouring requires a large area of ??smudging, so the brush head is generally relatively large, and the brush head also has multiple beveled arc-shaped brush heads, which can better fit our facial contours. The common nose shadow brushes are beveled arcs, flames, and rounds. The beveled arcs fit the nose best and are the easiest to grasp the angle. Make-up beginners can never go wrong with them!

Regardless of the shape of the brush head, the most important thing to buy a contouring brush is to choose a brush with moderate powder holding power and easy to smudge. Otherwise, it will be heavy and easy to overturn.

Highlight brush

It is said that the highlight repair is good, and it is indispensable to lose 10 pounds in a second! Now the highlight has become an extremely important step in the makeup process. Once you get the beautiful highlights that suit you, the texture of makeup has risen more than one level!

There are many different shapes of highlight brushes on the market. The most handy ones are the flame star-shaped highlight brush and the fan-shaped highlight brush.

The flame-shaped highlight brush is suitable for use on the forehead, chin, bridge of the nose and other details. The fan-shaped highlight brush is better than sparse bristles and is convenient to control the amount. It is even more beautiful when applied to the cheekbones!

About makeup brush science, a must-see for novices! There are few brushes, do you dare to say that you can make-up? The content of the editor is the introduction. The above content is based on the editor’s years of experience in using makeup brushes. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Pony God, although she doesn't know me, I know her.
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