Makeup brush cleaning and maintenance strategy

by:MHLAN     2020-06-26
  Women love beauty, and makeup is essential, so that the role of makeup brushes is important. However, if the makeup brush does not pay attention to cleaning, bacteria will be caused to the skin due to the accumulation of long-term grease powder. In addition, it will cause the bristles to split off and affect the quality of the makeup. Therefore, the editor recommends how to clean makeup brushes and maintain tools. The cleaning and maintenance of makeup brushes can make you not only beautiful in makeup, but also tools in this spring and summer!      Raider 1: How to clean the eyeshadow stick?   Eye shadow sticks come in contact with different colors of eyeshadow powder. It is easy to get dirty after using it once or twice. It is easy to make the color of the eye makeup look cloudy and unclean, which also affects the use again. After repeated use, the grease powder remaining on the surface of the eyeshadow stick will harden it and make it unusable. Therefore, when both sides of the eyeshadow stick are used or after several uses, they must be cleaned immediately.    1. Wet the eyeshadow stick fully with water, and drop an appropriate amount of special cleanser on the eyeshadow stick, without much or few drops.     2. Gently squeeze the eyeshadow stick with the index finger and thumb fingertips, carefully squeeze out the dirt and wash it. The pressing and washing actions should be repeated several times until the dirt slowly disappears.      3. After the dirt of the eyeshadow stick is pressed and washed with water, the remaining moisture of the eyeshadow stick is blotted dry with a clean towel and placed on the towel to dry in the shade.      Raider 2: How to clean the lip brush?     The lip brush comes in contact with lip gloss or lipstick. The pigments and oils contained after use make the lip brush hard. Therefore, after each use, the remaining lip gloss or lipstick on the lip brush must be wiped off with a paper towel. After about two weeks, you need to clean it with a special cleaner or a neutral cleaner.      1. Fully foam the special detergent or neutral detergent in the palm of your hand, then put the lip brush into the foaming detergent. Be careful not to put the cleaner directly on the lip brush, as this will damage the bristles.    2. Stand the lip brush on the palm of your hand, and wipe it back and forth repeatedly, so that all the bristles can fully contact the cleaning agent in the palm, and the foam will take away the pigment substances on the brush.     3. Finally, rinse the lip brush with clean water, remove excess water with a clean towel, and put it on the clean towel to dry in the shade.
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