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by:MHLAN     2020-09-29
What can makeup brush to clean detergent cleaning? Many beautiful women may not know cleaning brushes need to pay attention to? Can use what subsidies for cleaner brushes. Take a look at below makeup brush cleaning can use those cleaner subsidies. 1, can use soap allowance makeup brush to clean put a piece of soap in water wet, put your dirty cheek red brush brush and powdery bottom friction on soap, pressed while rotating, can clean the dirt. And then rinse clean with warm water to brush, with a piece of paper towel dry. Tip: don't let the brush touch water, otherwise may make the mane of hair brush loose and fall off. 2, the kitchen sponge add detergent subsidies makeup brush to clean down a little bit of detergent on the sponge, brush with makeup on the sponge brush to brush a few times repeatedly, rinse with warm water, with a clean towel or cloth to wipe the dirt from the remaining, then brush flat to dry. 3, can wash makeup brush with olive oil subsidies for eye makeup and labial makeup oil, oil phase and oil soluble, so olive oil is very suitable for clean small eyes lip makeup brush. In addition, olive oil is softening effect of maintenance for mane. Methods: the cosmetic brush bristle with olive oil, and then press press onto a sponge to wipe, after a while, you'll see the brush off residual cosmetics in the agglomeration.
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