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Makeup brush for combing or brushing eyelashes, eyebrows and applying cosmetics (13)

by:MHLAN     2021-08-16
Today, our cosmetic brush manufacturer will continue to introduce this multi-purpose cosmetic brush that can be used for combing, brushing eyelashes and eyebrows, and also for applying. In particular, the wiper has an internal contour intersecting the notch, which is at least on a plane extending transversely to the brush. Therefore, the cosmetics brushed in the recesses are not completely wiped off. When the brush is pulled out of the container, cosmetics are stored in its recesses, and these cosmetics can be used to form eyelashes and/or eyebrow bundles when storing makeup. Because the notch only extends over a part of the length of the brush, when the brush is sufficiently wiped, there is only a small amount of cosmetics on it. Such a brush is suitable for separating the eyelashes and/or eyebrows. In one embodiment of the present invention, the wiper defines a circular wiper, in particular, the radius of the wiper hole is greater than the length of the bristles that define the bottom of the recess, measured at least partially from the core. The recess has at least a part of its cross-section whose shape does not change when it moves along the brush, and in particular, the cross-section of the entire recess is constant when it moves along the brush. For example, the recess is defined in the circumferential direction by at least one, especially two substantially radial support surfaces. The recess may also be defined in the axial direction by at least one supporting surface inclined with respect to a plane perpendicular to the core of the brush, in particular by two supports separated from the core of the brush. In a cross-section extending across the core, the notch presents an angle less than 360'. The notch can extend an angle around the axis of the brush, ranging from 20 degrees to 200 degrees, and the angle is particularly selected from one of the following ranges: 40 degrees to 50 degrees, 110 degrees to 130 degrees, and 170 degrees to 190 degrees. The circumferential dimension of the recess is greater than the axial dimension. The notch extends along the brush for a length of 1.5 mm to 6.5 mm, especially greater than 2.5 mm. For example, the maximum depth of the notch is 2.5mm-4mm. The notch may extend at a portion less than 4/10 of the length of the brush carrying the bristles, for example less than 3/10 of the length of the brush carrying the bristles. The brush may have at least two notches described above. For example, the brush may have at least two notches that are arbitrarily offset in the circumferential direction. The brush may have at least two recesses facing each other. The at least two notches may be offset axially or in other directions. The brush may have at least two notches that are simultaneously offset circumferentially and axially. When viewed from at least one plane perpendicular to the axis of the brush, the brush may have three notches. For example, the length of the bristles of the brush measured from the core is 3.5mm-9mm, and the diameter of the bristles is 0.06mm-0.4mm. The brush defines an envelope surface on at least a small part of its length, and its right cross-section is circular. In particular, the envelope surface is cylindrical or conical.
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