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by:MHLAN     2020-09-29
In the case of many love beautiful beauty often use brushes often fill a bottoms, especially the eyebrows, with good eyebrow brush to draw a pair of beautiful eyes, is to promote girls attractive tool. So how to use cosmetic brush eyebrow brush thrush repair? 1, use the eyebrow brush with similar to the colour of the eye shadow, preliminary trace ideal eyebrow first. 2, with the eyebrow comb ( And a small comb as the sort of) Comb, along the eyebrows growth direction along the eyebrows. 3, on the preliminary trace contour's eyebrows, with eyebrow pencil like kind of eyebrows were painted eyebrows. Eyebrow brush upright and with brunet thrush tail, fine to coarse eyebrows end on natural finish. 4, with spiral eyebrow brush ( spoolie刷) From brow to eyebrow end, gently apply eye shadow. If you want to make double eyebrow shape, can be a little black mascara to draw on the eyebrows, add stereo feeling.
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