Makeup brush manufacturers: how to draw a nice nose bridge

by:MHLAN     2021-08-13
Makeup brush manufacturers: how to draw a nice nose bridge, shadow, highlight and shape the high nose bridge. The principle of making the nose bridge tall through makeup is very simple. One is to make the bridge of the nose look high, the other is to make the base of the nose look low, and the third is to make the side of the nose look high. When it goes dark, the bridge of the nose is narrowed, and the three-dimensional sense is emphasized, so that the bridge of the nose appears high visually. Shading is very important. Usually, the modification of the bridge of the nose is the last step of makeup, so you should refer to your eyeshadow to determine the color of the shadow on the side of the nose. Eyeshadow is a natural earth color system, and the corresponding ones should be light brown and earth red, etc., which are also naturally compatible; while eye shadow is a dazzling color, gray color will be more suitable, such as gray brown, light gray, etc. Darker and cooler colors can balance the whole thing better. Use eyeshadow powder as a shadow powder: Use the same color as the contour cream to fill the nose base, that is, the small area between the brow and the eyelid. It should blend well with the color of the eyebrows to create a sense of depression , Make the eyes look deeper, and the nose will be more upright. Dip an eye shadow brush into the eye shadow of your choice, knock off the powder, and then apply it evenly on both sides of the nose from the top down. Its length is also very important. It must not exceed the level of the eye shadow up and down, and it must blend naturally with the boundary of the eye shadow to create the effect of light shadows. Brighten the bridge of the nose with pearl powder: The most critical part of the bridge of the nose will be brightened last. Don't use white eyeshadow with glitter, that kind of white will look unnatural. What we need is a pearly eyeshadow with a little beige or beige gold, and do the 'work' imperceptibly. The technique is to dip a clean eye shadow brush and apply it evenly in front of the bridge of the nose. Don't forget the center of the eyebrows and the nose, these two functions are different. The center of the eyebrows makes your forehead look fuller, and the shape of your face is more three-dimensional, and the nose is the highest point of the entire face. It must be bright enough to be high enough, so you can draw a few circles on the nose for emphasis.
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