Makeup brush manufacturers remind you to choose makeup products according to skin type

by:MHLAN     2021-08-12
In order to maintain makeup for a long time, makeup spray and powder have become essential products for those who love beauty. Faced with the rich set of makeup products on the market, how should we choose? Make-up products are applied to the skin surface after makeup, in addition to acting as a protective layer, extending the duration of the cosmetics, and alleviating the problems of makeup removal, floating powder, and makeup incompliance caused by makeup ingredients, skin conditions, environmental temperature and humidity, etc. Enhance three-dimensional makeup and improve skin gloss. At present, common makeup products on the market include liquid makeup spray and solid makeup loose powder or powder. Although these products are used for setting makeup, the principles of setting makeup are different. The formula of the makeup setting spray is based on water, and at the same time, moisturizers, film formers and other ingredients are appropriately added to emphasize the moisturizing effect. When the skin is dry, it will secrete a lot of oil to maintain the balance of water and oil, and the secretion of oil will affect the makeup effect, leading to makeup, floating powder, and also cause the problem of 'glossy face'. Doing a good job of moisturizing can reduce the secretion of skin oil, thereby slowing down the speed of makeup removal. The setting spray containing film forming agent can quickly form a protective film on the skin surface after applying makeup, helping to reduce the evaporation of water on the skin surface, and achieve the effect of moisturizing and balancing oil. Makeup loose powder and honey powder are solid powders with good cohesion and absorption performance. By adsorbing on the oil secreted by the skin, it can reduce makeup removal caused by excessive oil secretion; it can also reduce the sticky feeling after applying makeup. It balances skin oils and helps the makeup look clean and three-dimensional. According to my country's cosmetics regulations, before making makeup products go on the market, risk assessments of heavy metals, microorganisms and other safety risk substances in the products should be carried out. Only qualified products can be marketed for sale. Therefore, products produced by regular manufacturers that meet the safety requirements of my country's cosmetics, and whose product registration number or record number can be found on the website of the State Drug Administration, are safe in principle when used in accordance with the recommended method of use in the product manual. However, due to individual differences, and cosmetics often add preservatives, flavors, colorants and other sensitive components, some consumers may have allergic reactions to certain components in qualified products. In order to avoid allergies, you should be cautious when choosing and using cosmetics. You should fully understand your skin condition before buying, and avoid using products that contain ingredients that may cause skin allergies. People with dry skin should use spray-type makeup products with strong moisturizing function. It is recommended to choose products with high moisturizer content or film-forming agents. People with oily skin should use powder-based makeup products with strong oil control functions. These products not only have low oil content, but can also be adsorbed on skin oils to reduce the impact of skin oils on makeup. It should be noted that when using powder-based makeup products, avoid the eyes and lips to minimize inhalation; after using spray-based makeup products, it is recommended to wipe off the residual liquid around the eyes and lips with cotton pads to reduce the possibility of inhalation sex.
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