Makeup brush manufacturers: what skills should novices pay attention to when buying makeup brushes

by:MHLAN     2021-10-01
Makeup brush manufacturers: What skills should be paid attention to when novices buy makeup brushes? Generally, there will be a few chicken ribs in the brush set, and novices will be confused when they get it. They don't know the purpose of each, and they will be left unused and accumulated over time. Many brushes are multi-functional brushes. Foundation brushes can be used to brush loose powder. Blush and contouring can also be done with the same brush. There is no need for a radish or a pit. It is wise to buy brushes one by one. 2. Makeup brushes are not as soft as possible, nor are they as powerful as possible. For example, the eyebrow brush must be hard to apply color, and the blush brush needs to be weak in grasping powder to prevent it from becoming a monkey butt. 3. Regarding the choice of brush brand, the first choice for ladies is Zhubaotang and Baifengtang. These two are the representatives of the top Japanese brushmaking craftsmanship, but they are relatively conservative in brush style and nothing new. 4. Between the normal version and the portable version, the portable version is preferred. Both use the same material and craftsmanship, but the price of the portable version is much more affordable.
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