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by:MHLAN     2020-10-03
Force maojian tea design convey accurate strength, can more easily to nose daub, canthus and mouth corners and other parts, and compared with a powder puff or finger, can effectively save powder products. Recognition: makeup brush set from the smell the smell of cosmetics have quietly elegant, some strong, but very pure. If smells acrid odor, explain is fake or bad products. Recognition from the feeling: take a little makeup gently daub on the skin, if can attach to the skin evenly compact and has a smooth and comfortable feeling, is the fine texture of cosmetics. If after coarse daub, sticky feeling, and even dry skin tickling,, is a poor quality cosmetics. Synthetic hair brushes advantage: synthetic hair brushes have advantages and disadvantages. Advantage is: to sensitive muscle is better, no animal hair smell, and is not afraid of water and oil, are also more resistant to washing, also will not deformation, so most of the foundation brush, makeup is used in highlights and shadows, build a three-dimensional facial features. Brush the makeup brush set is dizzy colorific administrative levels. Wool quantity is moderate, easy to control usage of vanity. Can easily show fine lines, make natural color shading. Can also be used to shape the nose shadow cheek is red brush cheek is red brush refers to the flat brush paint slightly smaller than honey, brush the top with semicircle. A good cheek is red brush can sweep rouge easy and natural. Will take blush powder brush, light get rid of excess sludge at the same time, the color is not enough to fill slowly. On the bridge of the nose white highlights powder can make the bridge of the nose appear even more solid. Chin sweep highlights powder can balance the whole face center of gravity, highlight stereo feeling of the whole. Make up more than paint brush head is sector, thick flat design is mainly used to sweep off the excessive opaque after calm makeup without affecting the facial makeup. Equilibrium demitint makeup brush this brush hair grow longer and slightly spread shaped, brush is made of high quality in general choice than concealer brush blain blain of a smaller size concealer brush, cosmetic brush set grey squirrel hair soft and comfortable, most used in powder paint, cheek is red brush. Yellow Wolf hair elastic, soft hard moderate, suitable for brush eye shadow; The hardest, the bristle more used as eyebrow paint; Goats is the most common and widely used in all kinds of brush. Artificial wool including fiber hair, nylon hair, smooth and no hair scale slice, stop, force is weak, will not absorb too much product. Because eye below black rim of the eye are generally elongated, block defect need details. And the choice of the bristles must is a gentle nature as the prerequisite, detail as far as possible the bristles. Usage: use concealer point where you need to block defect, such as in the red blain blain blain to imprint, and gently press the blain blain, handle defects with the surrounding skin border, at the same time make it
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