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by:MHLAN     2020-09-30
Head makeup brushes, it contact with the skin area is large, the makeup brush set for me to wait two buccal on the pore is bulky that mix oil, poke, poke, poke, can have very perfect to fill the role of the pore. And flat brush bristles tight tight solid, on the bottom makeup delicate break, it's not easy to produce the brush marks. Will soon be well bottom makeup, and head of the brush hair, makeup considerate service, at the base is not easy to produce the brush marks. Foundation on the foundation will be better, block defect effect will be better, don't try to draw a circle, so the foundation not evenly painted, powdery bottom is in order to make the skin color uniform. 'if the bottom makeup can make bottom makeup, then the bottom makeup is the most important step in the whole makeup. Light peak wool ( The ultimate in wool) , in eye shading, concave positions and makeup brush set and those are now we see a lot of toothbrush brush type foundation. This type of foundation brush was the first launch of the MAC. Hair brush is a man-made fibre and different size. This kind of pink brush and traditional foundation brush or some differences. You can choose according to individual be fond of freedom. Can make the eye makeup look natural fusion, eye shadow transition smooth. Makeup eyeliner brush eyeliner brush is suitable for the liquid eyeliner, brush head is fine, the quality should be used in yellow Wolf tail hair, hair is exquisite soft hard right, are more likely to sketch a soft natural look line. Grooming brush can be used to brush divide evenly cheek is red, also can make up brush away the excess powder. Brush choice must not covet is cheap, light wool, thick light wool, fine light wool mixed squirrel hair of this series. Makeup brush set make-up brush processing steps and brush flow interpretation, dazzling cosmetic brush brand, but we did not know is that a lot of makeup brush brand OEM, like millet mobile phone is OEM production. Rather than their study to more cost-effective experienced a third party. So today we want to say is the production of cosmetic brush, cosmetic brush production process is generally divided into makeup brush production, the production of wool, wool and joystick to connect three links, the following content is divided into the three. Followed by wool, little horse hair, mink fur series. Mink fur generally do eye shadow brush, commonly used for large area and wool brush, such as the cheek red brush brush, shadow brush, silhouette, powder paint and so on. Judge makeup brush brush is the key to the quality of a material, synthetic hair feel hard, difficult to brush color uniform, but it is durable and convenient cleaning. But some
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