Makeup brush set using the method MHLAN toiletries

by:MHLAN     2020-10-02
What good makeup brush set, make-up brush set USES graphic girls usually are not too pay attention to the way, a lot of people make up is by hand to make-up, her face but make up there with his fingers, fingers makeup can according to their own efforts to daub is also very convenient, also can let foundation speeds up the melting temperature of the human body, but as is the fingerprint in the makeup of the fingers can't daub is even, and finger temperature stimulation to the skin sweat easily lead to makeup makeup, suggest or using a professional makeup brush. We usually see professional makeup artist and stars are made of professional makeup brush, so why they choose to use a professional makeup brush, because of the makeup brush brush clearance can cross good grasp makeup is tasted, make makeup look frivolous nature, different radian forcibly even, makeup will be thinner. In a word, with professional cosmetic brush will make products more thin, uniform, makeup will be more natural and comfortable. Appear on the market of all kinds of cosmetic brush what makeup brush set? Small make up today to bring us several use and favorable cosmetic brush, and the use of illustrations, the price is proportional to the quality of professional makeup brush, can let you quickly understand the purpose of the makeup brush and use of the method. Today we are going to use cosmetic brush with taste a light make-up, in the process also introduced the use of the cosmetic brush; Step one: in the first place in the whole face the dots segregation frost of large area, and then use the palm on the whole face. Step 2: and then squeeze out the right amount of BB cream on painting, in the cheek spread from outside to inside of the third step: with professional eye concealer under the eyes and gently point, with the piano fingering concealer pat to radiant. Step four: in order to make the durability of makeup look higher, in the whole LianBo may better calm makeup brush a layer of powder. Step 5: dip in with horizontal brush in brown powder, the redundant powder on the paper, and then starting from the eyebrows painted eyebrows step 6: where eye head and eye end with white eye shadow brush the semicircle shape, and then along the brush a pale blue eye shadow, eyelash root on the tail end of the next eyelid with pink eye shadow swept gently layer. Step 7: type and then choose the waterproof eyeliner from above the eyes began to draw look line, remember two thin middle thick head principle. Tips: when choosing eyeliner product should be according to their own eyes give oil to choose the best condition, such as the skin around the eyes are dry eyebrow in the United States you just need to choose the eyeliner, the liquid eyeliner pen or eyeliner gel pen is belong to oily skin eyebrow in the United States, it is not easy to dizzy makeup. In addition, the liquid eyeliner pen is the most not easy to take off the makeup of the line products. Step 8: use own eyelash clip eyelash clip to roll become warped, a layer of mascara if not long brush a repeatable. Step 10: use white eyeliner in canthus and gently draw the triangle area, let your eyes feel carry bright moment. Step 11: eye makeup is completed, will be part of the cheek is red, the choice is a pale pink blush, don't want to look so cute step 12: in the end, choose jelly color gels or lip gloss along the labial ministry on a thin layer of labial makeup makeup can be a lot of people don't know oneself what makeup brush, what makeup brush set is good, let's look at the advantage of cosmetic brush, Pudding powder brush, the brush is quite rare, on both sides of the bristles have slope, can be large and rapid ground makeup, novice recommended for cosmetics. Glutinous rice Ci, compact brush is very short, thick, able to brush out natural makeup feeling is very powerful. Elegant fragrant foundation brush, professional cosmetics master is using a foundation brush powdery bottom, because the foundation brush has typed foundation will more deeply. Gradient ramp perfect, super joint face, brush feels comfortable. Eye brush various details, actually this is a bit more commonly used several kinds of brush, and I think has to some, each has its different functions, shading eye shadow can more have administrative levels feeling, natural transition and at the same time let the eye makeup more delicate. Cheek is red brush, wool quantity is enough, will not fall off very easy to use, very nicely cheek, can according to different requirements or makeup look cheek is red brush the face contour shapes. Grooming brush, makeup finishing touches one little of course not grooming, ya xiang li grooming brush stop, first-class, bevel perfect joint face, can make the effect of shadow play the borderless nature
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