Makeup brush tool cleaning - sweet stucco cleaning MHLAN toiletries

by:MHLAN     2020-10-02
How sweet stucco cleaning cleaning makeup brush tool? Makeup brush set of sweet stucco because unlike other makeup brush hair, clean, sweet stucco to with other makeup brush to clean separation, use the right way to sweet stucco clean, can prolong the service life of sweet stucco, let the hair to keep the best state more conveniently, below to see how sweet stucco to cleaning. The shape of the sweet stucco have thin, flat brush ( Flat head and a little circular brush) Two, is also the many professional makeup girl's favorite. Sweet stucco can help you to draw a uniform look, more can dry wet amphibious. Sweet stucco clean dry cleaning and wet cleaning two methods of 1, dry sweet stucco honey paint dry cleaning is used first brush with honey powder, namely calm makeup powder, evenly brush down a direction on paper towels, until sweet stucco cosmetics on the touch on a piece of paper is good! 2, wet cleaning honey honey when doing the wet wash painting painting method to avoid violent clean, wet cleaning is generally a month time, use warm water and shampoo or soap water for 12 minutes, then remove them in the back pressure, follow the stains out of reoccupy water MAO put brush clean dry towel for them. Honey paint used for a long time not to clean, the result is bad to use, after each use can use discharge makeup fluid is put on the skin clean, also can use the special cleaning fluid, not to say that must have as good as new, at least to clean the top eyeliner, or it will reduce the life of the sweet stucco, and after use rinse hair can harden.
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